Darkmoon Wood

Darkmoon Wood is among the most dangerous places in all of the Vale. A feral, fey-haunted forest on the edge of civilization, the Wood presents a constant threat to those who live nearby, but also serves as a persistent temptation to adventurers eager to make names for themselves. While still the largest collection of Sidoren Ash in Caldoranth, Sidoren Ash Wood steadily decreases in size with each passing year. The logging community of Falcon’s Hollow chops away at the woods, harvesting roughly 7,000,000 board feet of timber per year (about 5% of which is the highly coveted Ash wood), most of which ends up in the richer nations to the south. Formerly a part of Arthfell Forest, centuries of logging separated the two into distinct forests, with much of Caldoranth’s remaining Ashwood trees standing among pines and firs within Darkmoon Wood.

Flora of the Wood
Elderwood Moss
Ironbloom Mushrooms
Rat’s Tail

Fauna of the Wood
Firefoot Fennec
Giant Moorsnake

Places of Interest
Droskar’s Crucible
Elara’s Halfway House
Ulizmila’s Hut
Cold Marrow

Darkmoon wood

Darkmoon Wood

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