David's Darkmoon Deeds

The Garden
Or: 'How I Saved the Day Again for These Fools'

The next day we arrive at the garden – it is beautiful. The snow does not fall in the orchard and the trees are laden with heavy berries that grow in clusters where one berry seems to ripen at a time. Tiny pixie-like creatures gather and summon some kind of earthen protector that I quickly dispatch before jumping into the nearest tree and gathering my first berry. I hear the dwarf say something to the pixies, but I don’t understand his heathen words so I move towards the next berry that I can see. I continue on like this but am unsuccessful and end up smooshing two berries before focusing and gently picking my second berry before I put it in the bag with the first. I slip and fall (gracefully) out of this tree, but see that there is a berry on a low-hanging branch in the next tree. I elegantly flip up onto the branch and gather my third berry and put it in the bag. I see another berry close by and gather that one carefully into my bag. I briefly think that we are finished, then I remember that the bear needed one, too. Well, if the bear gets one, then Buttercup should have one as well. I have trouble seeing more in this tree as a number of inebriated pixies cluster around my face. Through the rainbow of their glowing bodies, I can see more berries in the adjacent tree so I spring onto a low branch, and make an incredibly difficult landing…with no one witnessing my talents. I reach out and grab the fifth berry and succeed. My sixth berry…a flash of red light from the gathering of pixies catches my attention and now there is a massive root…thing towering over the group and the sound of battle grows in fervor. Five will have to suffice. I jump out of the tree and run towards the forest, yelling that it was time to go over my shoulder in the hopes that the idiots I travel with are still alive and hear me.

Ellen has been gravely injured, but she is force fed a potion by the dwarf. We dodge several mounds of earth being flung at us by the massive creature, then begin our uneventful trek back to town. One day we were caught in an intense fog that our gaze was unable to pierce for a good 20 minutes or so. The ferryman charged us a reasonable rate to get across the river and when we get back to the bar we see that there is a cheer to the crowds that was not there before. Liglap tells us that the solstice is upon us and people will be in high spirits during this time. The inn is at capacity and our one room is still available to us. Ellen requests that hot water be brought to the room for a bath and she retires for the evening after having a hot bath. After having a second helping of the tur-duck-en stew, I also head up to the room and move the cot I will be sleeping in to the corner away from the door and go to sleep with Buttercup on my pillow beside me.

In the morning there are omelets (Blokwus’s specialty, so it seems) before we go back to the Pathfinder’s Lodge to receive our paperwork and I hand over the berries and collect the 25 gold pieces for myself. I was the only one to pick the berries, so I get the gold. The dwarf first argues the signing of Orzo’s name instead of simply giving his paw print, then they all…talk. Peacock, do they talk. At one point I mention that my role is to make sure that they don’t all die and the frog quickly pipes up that, so far, it is a full-time job. I stop and really think about that. It’s true. This has become a full-time gig for me as they continue to rush into trouble. Well…admitting it is the first step in recovery? We discuss some possible jobs with the Lodge when he mentions the two that I ran across on my travels – the small red head with the dinosaur and her travelling companion. They had mentioned something about werewolves when we met in my travels away from my dark family. I am lost in my thoughts as they continue to talk.

Tent got a little smaller
Bear butt

Oh Gozreh and Syntira,

(in druid language)
Once again, I was not strong enough. I sit here in my tent and I hate how I can not help this group. They think of me as a liability to the group rather than a useful part of the group. I need strength and wisdom from both of you to help me in my travel. Help me become a great adventurer like my uncle.
Orso, you are the only one who needs me. I do give respect to Glenn for wanting to avenge my attack. A dwarf never forgets…never

Thank you Gozreh and Syntira for my health and my friend Orso,
May they all be protected by your great divine power and wisdom.
Hope I can find more relics that can gain favor from you.
May the wind, oceans, and forest be in your grace.

your faithful student…

Champion of DA drink

Dear the land, sea, and air,
and the ether in between,
I be beckon you to listen to my prayers,
Gozreh, I need your advice on who I should seek.
Please, it is life or death
Heed my call….
From your faithful servant.
(Chanting this as I make a crude carving of Gozreh, digging a hole in the ground pouring water and placing the figurine in the middle of the hole with offerings, one gold, ration, piece of fur, piece of clothing, and the following written on a scroll)

on the scroll it said…..

They take a dwarf for a couple of rounds and guess who was the last standing. That’s right…this guy. So after a great night of drinking….frog buggered off to tinker with his cold steel. The two other ladies disappeared to the next morning, I always thought those two where not into dwarf.

Let’s get into the real deal why I am sending wind from this town. The town was overrun by dark fey and now the townsfolk are turning on the good fey. I am trying my best to make the people see that the fey mean them no harm, but with this group being organized to take the fey I believe there will be a lot of trouble. My group does not believe what I am seeing but something must be done. They don’t want the townsfolk to know what is happening to their town but let them live their lives in the dark. They need to know that the fey could help him, that there are dark forces out there to watch out for and there are forests you just don’t cut down because of repercussions of what might happen. I feel hopeless, I don’t want to see anymore of these townfolk suffer, if only one of my goods could help me find peace for this town or the fey I would be humbled. I know that my group might not think the way I do but everyone has the chance for goodness and no more blood needs to be shed. Please help your faithful servant.


Good Mister Mutters,

My words cannot express the sorrow I feel for your loss – those men weren’t soldiers, they didn’t sign up for this.

Thuldrin did the right thing, he asked our help as soon as the gravity of the situation became clear. Nobody could have foreseen the unnatural occurrences, when the dead walk again and feast on the flesh of the living. What unnatural forces are at work I do not know, but it seems that the foe we vanquished in the tomb you folk know as ‘Cold Marrow’ was not the only one.

The dead rise again, and by the time this letter reaches you we shall have left to put it down once and for all. Do not let proud men be fools, I have heard of Thuldrin’s effort in rallying a militia to enter the woods and exact revenge upon whatever is there. If those men go to battle, they will die – if you do nothing to stop them, it is on you. What happened up in the cut camp cannot be blamed on you, but here and now is a time when you can be the leader people know you to be and stop this madness.

There is Evil in those woods, old and unforgiving. The kingdom of Dwarfs found out the hard way, and now your lumber camps are doing the same. Creatures better left alone are running out of rocks to hide under, and it will not go well. The dark fey who attacked the carnival are scattered for now, but if you give chase they will find themselves united again. I know not what else you might find, but I’ve often been told that if you corner a bear in a cave it’s not the bear who should be afraid.

You lost the battle, not the war. In Spring, you can rebuild the camp and start anew. If the men run off to die before then, you’ll have no lumberjacks left to work – this must convince you if nothing else has. I will speak to you upon our return, though I cannot say when that might be as we do not know what unnatural forces await us in the Dark.

Be at peace, tend to your home and hearth, and keep a lantern burning to guide our return.

It's all fun and games
Until someone's carnival is ruined by faye

I willingly give my katana over to Ellen to fix it from its unfortunate encounter with the ground back at the carnival.

I travel around the town after a brief rest to watch people – their mannerisms, their voices, everything I can to learn how to pretend to be other people.

I return to the church from my wanderings disguised as Ellen. There was an awkward moment shared between the two of us and Red looked…perplexed. Then I changed back into myself for the first time in a few days it seems.

We walk through the town to Rala’s house where I have the idea to change into her brother’s likeness in order to keep her from being frightened at people breaking into her home. I attempt to distract both Ellen and Red by asking them if a passing gentleman has cheese on his face while I unlock the door. As they are intrigued (and a little bit stunned) by this possibility of dairy on someone’s face, they are thoroughly distracted and I unlock and open the door. We enter the house, only to find it has been vacant for at least a day with the clothes chest empty.
Still disguised as the little brother, we make our way to the stone mason’s workshop where I quickly change my appearance to Rala right in front of the door so as not to arouse much suspicion. Her brother opens it and throws himself into my arms, wondering at why I was there since I told him that I was leaving. I change back into my own appearance and tell him and tell him that it’s very important we know when the last time he saw his sister was and if she left any word as to where she was going. He gave us a note to read from her where we found out that she had left town for a while and that she would return when she thought it was safe.
We left the mason’s and the rest of the group began and lengthy debate as to how to go about punishing her employer (the hideous one that escaped from behind the tent at the carnival). I, oddly enough, was the voice of reason here and pointed out that if we went after her employer it would only put her life, and the life of her brother, in grave danger. They don’t THINK. They don’t think like those who would do harm to others. They don’t think about the consequences of their actions – that punishment would be dealt to those who are not strong enough to protect themselves against the evils of…everyone. They just…they don’t understand because they are young, naive, and they still think there is good in everyone. They are fools…who need me, damnit, because I had that particular brand of wool pulled from my eyes a long, long time ago.

I shut down the idea of going after Rala’s employer and the group disperses – Ellen and the frog back to the church, Red, Kvas and myself off to the carnival grounds to find word on Quinn and his wife.

Upon arrival, we find Stitch and some carnies around a campfire with most of the camp having been packed up. They aren’t sure where Quinn and Tessa have gone, but they mentioned that the rest of the group would be heading out of town in a few days and could meet us for drinks at the Sitting Duck.

We leave them at the camp and make our way to the Sitting Duck on a whim – it is bursting with patrons drowning their sorrows. We ask around to find out if anyone has seen the two we are looking for when Kvas says he thought he heard Quinn’s voice upstairs. There is a debate between Red and the dwarf as to whether or not we should interfere with the two who are clearly arguing behind the door when I knock. Tessa is not impressed with my lies of a new development and we need them to come to the church immediately, but Kvas’ open honesty seems to appease her and she agrees to come with us because she was hungry anyway. She storms out of the building with Quinn following sullenly behind – I have seen this behaviour in small children and dogs that have been scolded for wetting on the carpets. The dogs, not the children.

What a beautiful day
start of something beautiful

Oh Orso,
Get off of me… I know it is time to get up. What should we do today? Let’s head back into town and get some goods. More food for you, I know… (as ORSO dances around me excited when I say food) and some traveling wares, maybe some flasks of oil to return to Ellen for her kindly giving us one. Even making some arrows… maybe try to find out if we can make a fire arrow or material that can act as fire. Also maybe, some cure scrolls and some potions. Of course, the main thing is finding someone who can build you armour. You are the one I am seeking to protect because you are the change to my life that has lead me to my role. So let’s head into town.
ORSO….stop licking that. Let’s head. Hi Ho…off to town we go.
What a beautiful day, thank the gods for this.

The end
it takes death to bring birth

Oh Orso,
So much death… Why do people do this to each other? The faye where tormented by an evil spirit of the cold rider, but the people have been cutting things for years. They should know that nature might take its revenge. I know it was not the way Gozreh would of punished them for what they did but why don’t they pay tribute to what they take. I have seen so much over my lifetime, my mother always told me to repay what I take. From when we were deep in the mines of the mountain we always collapsed the tunnels we never used. We thank the mountains for giving us gems. I know not all dwarves felt the way my parents did to mountain. This is why we eventually left the mountain for our little cottage by the river under the shadow of the great peaks. Though, trouble did follow us, all I know is we found each other and must protect those that have no voice.
Orso, you where hurt that battle and I can’t lose you too. We must find some armour that will protect you, or we need to find a way to protect you in battle. We will practice your attacks and stealth in the forest while the others attend to their personal business. We must train, I can’t lose you. I must not lose you. You are the only one that has my back. We are family and even the faye knew this.

(this was all said behind the tent where we freed the tree people. We look around the each of the forest and just behind the tree line we go there and practice his acts, stealth techniques, and retreating. While doing this I keep the nymph’s inspiration in my hand. Describing why we are doing this…)

Hours passed and night has fallen and all my group has left the carnival to head back to town. I set up a camp in the tree line. Not heading to the church, I have the need to be out of the roof of a church.

Burn baby Burn...
Back to nature

Oh Gozreh,
The stubby one did me a favour and burnt down the thing that destroys your environment. As I sit her praying to you over this smouldering tent. I can leave this place knowing no one will use these tools for cutting your domain down anymore. Orso, has been a great companion and a good friend to listen to my problem. I wish though that you can guide me in your holy quest.
Your faithful servant

Making a statue,
Shrine to Gozreh

“Respect the sea and the sky, lest we bring you ruin.—Hymns to the Wind and the Waves”
I chant as I pull a piece of wood from the little huts we stop by and create a crude figure of Gozreh, I hopes he will hear my chants.

As I am doing this ORso is clawing the ground to create a hole in the ground. I stick the figure standing up in the hole and pour water from my waterskin and I continue to chant. ORso, sips from the water.

I look up into the sky as I finish my chant.

I look at ORso, and bend down to him and give him a nuzzle and we just booth turn to look up into the sky.

To my Uncle,
You must know something by now

Dear Uncle,
I have not heard from you in ages. I have waited in this town of misfits waiting to hear if you have any news of my brothers. Since last we have talked a lot has happened. The group that has amused me on my travels are showing their true colours. The humans are always obsessed with helping others with no regard for their own lives, but the one that I am still trying to find out about is this Drow. She comes and goes, and is replaced by these beautiful women. I would almost describe them as princess like.
I am not writing about them but that of my new bond. I have been graced with an animal companion named ORso, and orphan like me I presume. This little guy backs a punch for being a small cub. I have kept it out of trouble till the time I am writing you. Gozreh, has made it clear that his lands are in danger and we (ORso and I) need to cleanse these lands. I write to you so that you can listen to the whispers of Gozreh in the wind. If you hear of my troubles or how to defeat these minions it would be great. I need as many followers of Gozreh as we can get to give us strength to help us defeat this evil from his land. As I write this ORso is sniffing the air. Waiting to smell the scent of fresh flowers in the breeze as any good follower knows that Gozreh sends his help through the wind. May he come in time to help us in our time of need.
Please let Auntie know I miss her and I will one day run into you guys. I am starting to realize that mother might of been right. I am not fit to be a ranger but only time will tell.

From your loving Nephew


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