David's Darkmoon Deeds

Dear Uncle Grimlash "Golden Wolf" Mountainsheer
Have you heard

Dear Uncle,

It has been a while since I have sent my last letter to you. First I send my regrets to tell you that your sister has died. I will not rest till I find out how she died. I am hoping that my brothers have made their way to your place. Have you seen them? If so, then you already know what has happened at our homestead in the mountains. Please know that I will make sure that she is avenged.

I am writing in hopes that you can help me understand the will of Gozreh. I have gone out on this mission to find out who set that fire but I have been led to a group of odd individuals. I know I must find my companion before I can even start to find out what happened to my family, but these individuals. They need me and my skills. I was wondering if you could send me anything that can help me in my training. You where the family’s most talked about Ranger and the kings favourite. Can you give me any hints, tips, or potions that could help me on the way. If you send it to any nearest church I can collect it from there, tagged to this letter will be the church that i am staying at tonight.

I look forward to hearing from you.
your loving nephew

Prayer to Gozreh
“O Gozreh, I thank you for your guidance. You who guides the sea and the storm, who commands the beasts and the forests, you have protected me and my companions. I pray that you continue to direct me. Make me a vessel of natural energy. Let me be like a basin for your essence. In the night and in the day let me hear your voice and heed your forewarnings and advisements. In the cities and the forests let me be one with the heartbeat of the universe. I give you my eternal reverence." (Prayer from Gozreh pray book)

Gozreh, you have brought me to these companions. I thank you for this and without them I would have not lived through the night. It is with your guidance and strength that has made me fight beside them. I Pray to give you thanks and for you to guide me to my lost animal companion. I feel that my companion needs me and is calling me. I can’t leave this group, as you know, I owe a couple of them my life. I can’t leave until that bond has been satisfied, but I am afraid the voices that I hear are that of my companion calling for me. Please can you guide me in the right direction so I can find my companion. At least, give my companion a feeling that I will find them.

I pray to you with open heart and mind, thank you for all you have done. May my decisions give you pride in me.
Your faithful servant

Would be Hero Pt.2
Early the next morning Glenn finishes his story to his fathers grave.

Hey Dad, I’m back.

Now where was I. Oh right.

We celebrated the first night back feeling really great about ourselves. So we decided to have some fun with a drinking game. I won somehow but Ellen was definitely the best one at not spending her money, and Illyria gets very knivezy when she’s had a few.

The next morning Aunt Cirthana had a request for us to help track down and assist an associate of hers named Red Hood. Not wasting any time we headed off into the Darkmoon forest again. Tracking Red wasn’t difficult at all. Kinda like following a rampaging owlbear. The tracks led us to a cockatrice lair with a poor stoned halfling who we’re still working on fixing. I call him Mr Slate.

We were camping for the evening and pretty sure we were close on the trail of Red when a old lady came screaming through our camp claiming some crazy woman was chasing her.

Right as if on cue out comes Red, she screams to not let the Beast get away. Some confusion ensued with who this beast was when the old lady up and turns into a giant werewolf thing. I knew all those mongrels were bad. A big fight ensued where somehow the damn dog swallowed me whole!! And on top of that somehow I was able to stand up inside it and chopped him so hard he barfed me up. Which was gross by the way. With the help of Red we managed to take down the beast. Intrigued by my story about being able to stand up inside the dog’s stomach we skinned the pelt off the beast and cut out its stomach for study.

On the way back to town we came across an injured hawk and both Illyria and Ellen insisted on helping it out only for it to turn into an Imp and steal Ellen’s holy symbol. You can’t even trust the animals around here can you. After that we swung by and picked up Mr. Slate and headed back to town.

That night a very big storm rolled in and even with the poor weather we decided to head down to Oldfen. The ferry ride was fun even with Red almost drowning in the choppy water. A few hours of slow travel later we were ambushed by some Ankheg, the first couple were normal sized but suddenly a third super sized Ankheg burst out in front of us. We fought and drove off the monster. For good measure I shot at it with my bow to make sure it stayed away. But holy crap dad I totally landed like the best shot of my life. The arrow hit the beast on the wing base and it spun out of control and crashed into the ground dead! We were all like “ Did that just happen?” Needless to say that even in the pouring rain I was on cloud nine. Not letting good materials go to waste we made use of the Ankhegs natural carapace and got some good armor material. By this time the wind had picked up a lot and I decided to make a game out of using ankheg wings to fly/jump down the road. It was kinda fun until the wind ripped them out of my hands. Oh well.

When we came to the crossroads the road had become so flooded that another traveler suggested we should stop by the nearby farmhouse for the night unless we wanted to swim to Oldfen. I was game for the swim but the ladies weren’t so off to the farmhouse we went. Creepy place by the way. When we go there we were greeted by some poncy dude in a butler outfit. Can’t remember his name right now so he will be Mr. B. So Mr. B greeted us at the door to the farmhouse and … oh right his name was Demetrius… So he leads us to this room where we meet the lady of the house named Chandra. They fed us dinner and gave us a room to sleep in, which was nice. That’s pretty much where it ended. Ellen woke us up in the middle of the night claiming to hear screams from the attic. So we went to investigate. Illyria led the way followed closely by Red. Of course at that point the door slammed shut and I was forced to use my crowbar. You know which one, it’s the one that we kept in the back shed….. Umm…… right locked door. So after a couple tried the door opened up to some prying and Ellen and myself were able to join the other 2 upstairs. The evil chalkboard then tried to eat my soul, which was a very very unpleasant experience, So I hit it with the warhammer I got. I named the hammer Doorcracker, thought you’d like that. After a couple strong hits the board was destroyed., and so was the east wall of the attic. My bad, but the wall was evil I swear.

Let’s see what happened next…… Oh right.

So once we finished upstairs we went to apologize to the lady of the house only to find her not in her room. At like 2 in the morning how weird right?! So we checked on the kids. Only to be attacked by their ghosts! I was beside myself cuz the way they were referred to at dinner was that they had just gone to bed for the night not forever! Like I said before this house gave off a seriously creepy vibe.. Oh ya Fumbles finally caught up to us at the farmhouse and brought a new friend with him. A dwarf who looks like he found the wrong end of a blast furnace. We checked out the sitting room again after introductions were made and found a secret torture chamber with a poor kids corpse in it. ……. sniff.. sniff…. lets just say I may have taken some frustrations out on the lady’s things. Stupid kid killing jerk face. We then went to Mr.B’s room and didn’t find him anywhere either. But we did find something downstairs in the cellar and I was asked/told/volunteered to go get the shovel from the mules.

Not willing to walk through the super creepy orchard with the scarecrow things shifting in the wind. I cut through the path in the corn field and came upon the barn. The place was surprisingly well lit for so late at night and super stealthily I spied our psycho hostess doing some demon ritual thingy. The night air must have cleared my head or maybe I heard one of your many lessons spring through my mind but I decided it would be better to confront her with the rest of my friends than alone. I ran back to them and we all confronted her. By the way she was no longer as nice looking or human looking anymore so when she attacked us it really wasn’t a surprise. I felt a little sleepy again all of a sudden but managed to shrug it off this time…. I really do need to learn more about this spellcasting stuff. After some cow demon things chasing Fumbles and his new friend and Red tossing a perfect spiral blade first through the demon bitch we lived and the bad guys didn’t. And we found a toad with eyes that looked like the butlers hiding out by the mules in the barn. We can always use more frogs around so I picked him up and put him in a pouch for safety.

We then cleaned up the mess of dead people in the house and made sure all of them were buried properly in the family graveyard. Found the other 2 kids just dropped off in the field in sacks. That woman deserved to die so many times over. Once that was done we went back to the farmhouse through the front door. On the porch I was still a little upset so I kicked the crazy lady’s pumpkins which sprung to life around us. After some smashing and exploding pumpkins we got back to sleep for the night. The storm died off overnight so we had an easy trek down to Oldfen.

Our renters are doing fine and are keeping up the place like you would want and I’m doing well. Just trying to look out for the little guys. Like you always did for me.

I miss you dad…

Hope you’re proud of me and talk to you soon.

Would be Hero
Glenn recounts his adventures to his Father's grave

Hey Dad,

It’s been a while hasn’t it? I’m sorry for not visiting more often, but I’ve done what you always taught me to do. I’ve been helping people.

Right. Okay I know that’s pretty vague, so let me start at the beginning.

It was a few months after loosing you and I was out collecting some wolfsbane for the Eagle Knights when I came across the path of a mongrel. Following its tracks like you taught me I managed to close in on the wolf. It must have noticed me because it suddenly started running at full tilt towards the road. It burst from the brush and tried to attack some passing travelers. It didn’t get far and thanks to Moonblight and some help from the travelers we slew the beast.

The travellers were a couple elves heading into Oldfen and onto Falcon’s Hollow. Their names are Illyria and Ellen. Ellen is a priestess of Iomedae,you know, like Aunt Cirthana. She’s good people, always trying to do the right thing. You would have liked her. The other one is a bit of a private and slightly grouchy person who likes to keep to the shadows but she’s got a soft spot I’ve seen when she thinks nobody is looking. Which is sometimes difficult as she’s really really good at that keeping to the shadows thing.

So like I said, they were making a stop off here and then heading onto Falcon’s Hollow and as I had decided that I would go there and spend some time helping out Aunt Cirthana since it was very lonely at home. They agreed that I could join them on the journey north.

The day trip up to Falcon’s Hollow was fairly uneventful from what I remember. We met a very funny dwarf at the river into town named Navoir. I never did think that i would meet a dwarf who likes water but this guy proved me wrong.

Aunt Cirthana was happy to see me but was sad to hear of your passing. She was having a bit of a crisis with a plague of sorts that was ripping through Falcon’s Hollow. Naturally I volunteered to help and was happy to hear that my new travelling companions were also interested in helping.

Turns out the local Herbalist knew of an old remedy for this kind of sickness so we went off to find the ingredients. By the oldest tree in the Darkmoon woods we fought a Dragon!!! It was a rather small one but still a dragon. On the way to a witches house we were ambushed by hobgoblins who hurt a small fennec fox to try and get to us. We defeated the hobgoblins and rescued the fox, who after some healing magic from Ellen took a shining to Illyria. After the witches hut we wound up in an old dwarven monastery where we found a big ugly talking wolf. Of course he tried to trick us in to letting our guard down but I was having none of that and when he inevitably tried to kill us we were prepared.

With all the ingredients in tow we made our way back to town and got back in time to save many of the townsfolk from a nasty death.

Soon after the plague thing we decided to help out again when a group of local children had gone missing. They were last seen hanging out at the recently burnt down orphanage just outside of town. When there we found some kind of messed up torture room under the ruins. Other than that we did find tracks that led us off into the woods where we came across a young feral girl named Jeva. She helped us track the Kobolds to the river and from there we parted ways.

The Kobolds lead us back to the Dwarven Monastery where we encountered the Warg Greypelt. From there we went further into the lower levels. There we encountered a tribe of Kobolds, aand a frikkin ghost of a dwarf in shiny mithril armor, and carrying a glowing axe called Glintaxe! Ok maybe it turned out to be a giant cube of acid goo that kinda hurt when it bumped into you but the ghost makes for a better story. From there we came across a Kitchen brawl where one of the kids and a chubby halfling named Edgrin, and one other kid hiding under the table. The scrappy kid was the tailors daughter Kimi, who was determined to help find her still missing friends.

We proceeded to find one of the missing kids in a burial crypt where Ellen did some cool priestly thing and exploded a whack load of skeletons intent on ripping us a new one. We then came across a disgruntled group of Kobolds, who we managed to convince to abandon their king and start a new tribe far away. Another kid we found bound and gagged by a giant dwarf demon thing that had a nasty stink about him. Glintaxe was quite efficient at chopping back to the abyss and when Ellen had a rather bad reaction to the chain thing we decided to use the fancy adamantite warhammer he held to smash it to bits. So with 4 of the 5 missing kids down we made our way down a crack in the wall of the dwarves forge.

At the bottom of the hole we were ambushed by a giant demon bat thing which fell quickly to Glintaxe, but before we could take in our victory the wall came alive and seriously hurt Ellen. Well Illyria and I were having nothing of that and charged into the stone beast that attacked her. She delt what should have been a vast wound but it’s skin seemed to tough for the blow. I swung into the monster with all my strength and felt like I was striking pure stone the vibration was so strong. It must have been stronger than I thought since the blow caused the stone monster to shatter apart. I mean holy crap dad I hit a rock monster so hard it shattered apart!!!!

From there we took out some of the nearby guards and patrols for the lower level and came across a bound monster who Illyria was able to talk to somehow. It agreed to help us save the kids since we saved its life. In the store room we took a rest as the trek so far had been exhausting. When we woke we made way through the tunnels searching for the last child. We defeated some more guards and came across the nursery. Where an old kobold matron helped us through the caves in exchange for the lives of the hatchlings and herself. Wasn’t gonna hurt them anyway so was a good deal in my opinion. On route to the chiefs chambers we came upon a bound and gagged human who “agreed” to help us with some minor pursuasion from Illy. He’s called Fumbles. Doesn’t seem to want us to know him by anything else. That’s a little wierd isn’t it?

Let’s see we fought through a slime filled room and some freaky frogs and made it to the Kobold chief only to have a nap right away. Didn’t even realize I was tired. Stupid magic stuff. Gotta learn more about it. But I was kicked awake and after a tough fight we came out victorious. Still no kid though. So further into the caves we found a wierd kobold lady thing that was obsessed with shiny things. Then finally found the last child and Some crazy white Kobold shaman dude who just cut the heart outta some poor human.

We dashed into the room and quickly slew the evil bastard before he could hurt anyone else. Rescued the kid and got them all home safely.

Glenn looks around the graveyard only to realize that it is past dusk and he should probably go find his companions.

It’s been good talking with you dad but I gotta run. I’ll be back tomorrow morning to tell you the rest of my adventures so far.

I hate people.
And pumpkins.

I wake after a night’s rest to the crash of thunder and the flash of lightning. It is too early to deal with the party’s chipper moods. I roll over and curl up with Buttercup for a few moments more before stretching and rising for the day. Honestly, why did I have to take up with ‘morning’ people?

After a while, we gather our belongings then set out. By the Peacock, these people know how to run their jaws with useless prattle. Do they not see that their short lives are cut even shorter by wasting all this time to talk when they could take action instead? Does this not speak louder than any words that come out of their mouths?

Once we get to the river, they realized that there would be no hope in getting the cart on to the ferry and over to the other side, so it was taken back to the church and left there for safe-keeping until our return.

We eventually make it across the river, though there was a worrisome moment when my new friend falls into the drink. Our quick thinking and keen roping skills save her as she would have surely sunk to the bottom of the river in her heavy armour.

We follow the increasingly muddy trail through the forest when we are set upon by several large bugs, one of them having a green sail and spikes coming out of each of its legs…we dispatch the creatures and I realize that Buttercup has been injured in the skirmish. I am…horrified by my carelessness in bringing my ward into the fight and not being fast enough to spare her from harm. Vermella heals us and I thank her in my own, admittedly awkward, way and they begin the nasty business of dismembering the bugs while I retrieve Romulus from the path.

The others gather some gold and gemstones from the stomachs of the creatures, presumably from those who were less capable of defending themselves, and we make ready to continue on our way through the forest.

We continue on until we get to a part of the path that has been flooded and a lone figure stands on the other bank of the new stream. Vermella senses faint evil coming from her and the stranger suggests that we go no further for the night and, though I know the woman on the other side of the bank is lying to me about the state of the path, I cannot deny that heading indoors sounds like the best idea I’ve heard in a long while.

The others trudge down the path and we eventually come to a farm with an apple orchard and corn fields. Something about them seems…off. Too quiet, perhaps? Red pauses meaningfully and concentrates when we get to the front porch of the farmhouse. Something must be setting off her goody-goody senses as she seems uneasy around the pumpkins on the porch.
Our host for the evening is a woman named Chandra, and her man-servant Demetrius. We eat a hearty meal and retire to the guest bedroom where Buttercup quickly claims the lone bed in the room. Well done my little one. Ellen has decided to keep watch while the rest of us…rest. Finally – I won’t have a spell put on me and be bored out of my mind watching the others sleep. Before I drift off with Buttercup by my side I am reminded of Fumbles’ face after I took liberties with a piece of charcoal and bury my own face in the pillow. Though I do not believe the frog would dare touch me with his ridiculous hands, mayhap Ellen would think it humorous to add something to my visage while I slumber.

I am woken from my sleep by Ellen who insists that she has heard a scream from somewhere nearby. With reluctance leave the bed and see that Buttercup quickly occupies the warmth my body has left between the covers. Fine. Adorable as she may be and not be in need of beauty sleep, I recall her injuries from earlier with the large bugs and decide to leave her be. She is a good, pretty fox and…

Dammit, they want me to scout. Humans with their pathetic eyesight.

I come up with a devilishly clever signal for Red to concentrate to find any evidence of evil in our vicinity. We discover a trap door in the ceiling and I am voluntold to go investigate with my keen elven eyes. Fine. Stupid. Lousy. House. Loath as I am to split the party up, I ascend the stairs to find a small attic that had been transformed into some kind of schoolhouse for two children. Interesting, and a bit off-putting. Children leave me feeling…awkward…as they tend to not have any fear of me. They usually learn to both fear and hate the Drow (though, I must admit, for good reason as we are a fierce, brave, and vicious race) because they are taught to hate by their parents…much in the way that my own family tried to…

There is a chest in the corner which I attempt to open, but the lock holds against my best efforts. Maybe because I was just woken up from a lovely dream of mountains of riches with which I could start my own animals rescue…

The room takes on a sinister tone when I see blood begin to pour down the chalkboard and ‘I’ appears on the surface. In the distance, I hear what I learn is the slamming of the door to the attic…but that is of no concern to me now. I feel as though…my soul is being ripped from my body. I do the only thing I can do and blindly attack the chalkboard. The letter disappears and my head is clear again. I warn Red to not let letters appear on the surface.

A brief, but desperate fight ensues that leads to the board being destroyed and the wall it stood against shattering into the night. We may have some explaining to do with our host in the morning, should we survive that long.

I try my hand again at the chest once the dust has begun to settle, but there is no use. The anguish I felt at my soul being torn from my body seems to have rattled me and I break my lock picks. One set down, one set to go.

The frog smashes his way through the lock in the same way he does everything – with no finesse. Inside the chest I find a man’s suit, hat, boots, gloves. Red or Ellen…one of them…tell me the boots and gloves give off magic.

While the others mill about in their indecision, I notice the smaller boards in the desks now say something: ‘I am sorry I was unable to help more’ and ‘They were not prepared’.

Well…that’s not the least bit foreboding. We leave the attic and I head back to the bedroom to check on my darling Buttercup. She has snuggled under the covers and looks content – I do not disturb her slumber as I have a feeling the night has just begun for us.

We check each of the other rooms in turn only to find a supply closet and an abandoned bedroom of the lady of the house. The children’s bedroom, however, proved to be a sight more difficult to deal with than the others.

Something horrible must have befallen the children as their poltergeists hurled various toys around the room at us. I am truly growing tired of all of these shenanigans and wish to be done with this house. Why did we come here? It seemed like such a good idea at the time…
Upon dispatching the ghostly children, I heard someone at the front of the house and went to investigate, blending in with the shadows down the hall and stairs. When I saw the familiar silhouette of Fumbles at the door with some kind of filthy dwarf, I relaxed. Fumbles has proven time and again that he is perfectly harmless, so anyone travelling with him would be likewise. We exchange banter back and forth, possible exhausting him mentally, then I show them up to the second story where the others await. I smirk to myself on the way up, thinking that I might be pleased to see the clumsy human again…in the way one is happy to see a stray dog has found a home. Yes…he’s like a pet. Maybe I shall keep him.

We all head back to the main floor of the house and begin to rummage through the rooms, looking for evidence or something nefarious, and the newest member to our rag-tag group finds a hidden catch on the mantle place. It releases a hidden door to room that is….just horrific. What’s left of a child lays on a table in the middle of the room with implements of torture on the walls. The smell is overwhelming and I am briefly sickened by it. The frog, as usual, makes a useless display of his anger by breaking chairs and tables in the drawing room. I gather myself and pull one of the curtains from the window and use it cover the child. Be at peace, little one. We will be back to put you to rest later, I’m sure if Ellen or Red have their say.

We find Demetrius’s room, but there is nothing of interest there save for a book written in some kind of evil language that I can’t quite make out, even with my proficiency in linguistics. I hold on to it for now as I cannot read it, but know enough to surmise that this should not be left lying around for someone foolish to find. I take the coin purse I find in his bedside drawer as payment for…something amazing I’ve done, surely.

We continue downwards into the basement where we find an adult human-sized grave along with the house’s stock of preserves and ale. Because where else would you be inclined to keep a body, but in a cool, dry place? The frog volunteers to go get a shovel to uncover what is sure to be a corpse and I am thankful for the quiet. The dwarf takes this opportunity to notice that there is alcohol to be consumed just sitting there in the casks. He asks if I can open one and I oblige him as he reminds me of that, admittedly likeable, half-orc who would always offer a drink after a fight.

We grow tired of waiting for the frog to come back and the dwarf begins to unearth the body with an empty tankard. I realize I might be able to do more than tolerate this one as he seems to be an actions-are-louder-than-words type and I appreciate that in world full of too many people that just run their mouths. We uncover part of the body of a seemingly scholarly sort of chap, complete with tidy spectacles in his pocket and book of some kind of arcane writing on his person. We pass it to Fumbles as he has proven that he literate in the ways of magic. That, or he’s incredibly good at fooling us that he can read. At this point, neither would surprise me.

Soon after, the frog comes rushing back with news of our lady hostess performing some kind of ritual out in the cornfield. We gather ourselves and our weapons and head out the back of the house towards the barn where she was last seen.

When we get there, she has just completed the ritual and the battle commences. Fumbles and his new friend could actually hit the broadside of a barn, but little else. I admit to being slightly amused by them being chased by a demon cow creature, but only because they survived. Red was the one to strike the final blow to the wretched woman we would come to realize was a blood hag. A glorious throw of her sword flew swift and sure, ensuring that evil die and good endure as it hit its mark of the hag’s heart and the battle was won. The newcomer took ownership over the gloves we discovered earlier as well as some of the farming implements.

After the fight, we go back to the house to clean up the torture chamber and I clean the child as best I can while the others regurgitated their meals in the corner. When the remains are wrapped, we walk out to the small graveyard we had spied behind the house and the frog set about digging a grave. Ellen, Red, and myself, see a family mausoleum and go to see if there was room enough to set the child to rest. Once inside, we discover a woman laying on the ground with a slit throat who bore a striking resemblance to whom we had assumed was the lady of the house.

The woman with the slit throat looks incredibly similar to Chandra. Fumbles comes out of the house to inform us that the records of the house don’t match with the name Chandra – they match with the name of Celeste. It appears as though the woman we met had somehow replaced the real lady of the house.

It also turns out the husband had died in a farming accident a year prior and the widow was left with the farm to run with her three small children and, we presume, Demetrius. Who is now a frog – did I forget to mention that? Yes, we now have a frog that was once a person. I can only assume that the goodygoodies will want to change him back somehow to stand for any crimes he may have committed. He did, after all, have a demonic book in his room. Why must it have been a frog? The somewhat sentient one with poor judgment and impulse control is bad enough, but now we have another to tend to until he can be turned back into a man.

Three small children…and we have found but one. I close my eyes to think of the horrors the other two might have had befall them, when we hear from outside that the dwarf has discovered two sacks in the pumpkin patch. Sure enough, they are the remaining children and we lay them to rest with the parents in the family crypt. I notice that the epitaph across the archway says: Birth and death are written in the bones, but bones can be broken. Well.

Having completed our latest task, we went back to the house to rest and gather our strength when the frog had the fine idea to knock about the pumpkins on the porch. This, of course, set off some kind of magical trap and they came to life one after another first attacking, then exploding on people after their defeat. I swear to the Peacock, that the frog will be the death of us one day with his impulsive nature. I only hope that it comes to bite him on the ass before it kills the rest of us.

Red gladly announces that the house in finally clean of all evil she was able to detect from before and we go back to our quarters for a much deserved rest before we put this cursed business to our backs in the morning.

To the Honourable Sheriff Blunnde,

Would that this were under better circumstances, but I must write you to report a crime.

We were on the road from Falcon’s Hollow to Oldfen when the weather turned sour and my companions and I had to make camp for the night, on word that the road ahead was flooded. We took the other fork in the road and ended up at the Ciluco Farmstead, where trouble had befallen the inhabitants.

Lady Celeste Ciluco and her three children have been laid to rest in the family crypt behind the farm, and I believe their spirits will trouble us no more. I share spare the grisly details until we meet. The first suspect, who introduced herself as “Chandra” Ciluco but turned out to be a vile creature known as a Blood Hag, has been executed and dismembered. The second suspect, who introduced himself as ‘Demetrius the Butler’, may or may not have been turned into a toad. I am in the process of convincing my companions to raise the funds to have the local clergy banish the curse and return the toad to human form, that he may face trial. In confidence, I suspect the worst after we found a tome of Asmodeus in his personal belongings – if he is from Cheliax, who knows what other fiends could be roaming about??

My companions and I are returning to Falcon’s Hollow once the matter is settled as to whether the toad was once the butler, or if the butler fled. The local Hall of Records has informed us that next of kin is one Ariel Fawcett, and… well, I would want to hear it from someone in person. I know not her position in society, and fear that I may have to pay her debts to free her from the tyranny of the Lumber Consortium. There’s a nice young fellow there who has taken on the mantle of Sheriff, but this is likely beyond his influence. Made quite a name for himself, I just can’t remember it.

In the meantime, if someone could keep an eye on the residence to be sure that brigands and layabouts don’t mess around – I fixed what I could in the wake of the battle, but the wall of the attic was beyond me – that would be Just.


Ok….I knew it.

I knew I had to watch that one, I was just woken up by my companion standing over me with a quill and ink, and then disappeared. I checked my money bag…..5 gold was missing. Did she take it?
What was she doing…I went to the mirror and saw. She must of heard the conversation with the gamblers because now I have this stupid moustache drawn on my face. I giggled a bit, and then I realized the frog was gone,
Nope, just on the ceiling looking at me like he knew it was coming.
What a group….
Who can sleep now.

What a group!

I LOST them all,
and now I find,
these guys…..

I was a happy dwarf, till that night. I hate how I can’t remember all the details of that night but I can’t dwell on what I can;t help. Father always said, if your life sucked it is because of you. Change it..
So I am

Meeting my new companion (his “friends” call him fumbles but I know this is not his name) a very interesting fellow who has been very entraining because of his company he keeps. I have quickly came to realize that a couple of these companion are very straight shooters, but one, I will never let her know this, I am watching her.

After spending an interesting night at a family farmstead, where I filled my belly with ale and preservatives left by the previous owners but I got to use my family heirloom. I realized how quickly I needed to practice with it. I hit many targets but never the one I wanted, so practice needs to be done. I will find a tool around the home to use if anything else comes up during our stay.

Waking up, to a twirling head but a wonderful smell. We ate and went on our way to the nearest town. Why, I don’t know why…I wanted to burn the place but we agreed to leave a bloody hand on the door. I don’t know why but it looked like the house was waving at me as I left. I kind of snickered, because i thought of the preservatives. They where absolutely delicious and glad that I took a couple for the trip.

Heading into town, I wanted to stick to the quiet one. Father always told me to watch the ones that could put up the most fight, and I believe this one is the toughest, or at least the most readily to stab me in my sleep. I followed the two to a library, Mother would of loved this library. I looked through the books, found one that looked interesting and brought it to the gang. I thought it might help but they all just looked at me. Thinking of you Mom, I asked to sign a book. Knowledge is power rings in my head….

Now that boring stuff was done in the town we headed to our place of rest. Which reminded me of the old shanty in the village where Dad took us for our first hunt. What was it’s name…whatever. After having a couple of ales, my dwarves side came out. I searched for riches and say a game of cards being played and I wanted in. Let’s just say they learned not to mess with a dwarf, but boy is my jaw sore.

Let’s sleep this one off….

A letter home.

Father Tancred,

I’m sorry to say I lost your necklace, but I haven’t lost faith. I tried to heal what I thought was a hawk, but turned out to be some sort of demonic, impish creature, and it stole it from me. I shouldn’t have been surprised, as we had just dispatched that demonic wolf creature disguised as a little old lady, but it was early and I was quite tired. In the past I would have just walked on by, assuming that the rules of nature have no bearing on my course, but Illyria has shown me that compassion for the creatures of the world is as important as caring for the people. She’s been caring for a cute little fox that was caught in a hobgoblin’s trap, and as I write this I realize she has – in her own, unique way – been caring for me ever since those hobgoblins ambushed our campsite.

Oh, those kind folks I met travelling past the Aspodell Mountains – the Halfling and the Half-Orc – did their best to protect our fire, but I must admit that it was on my watch the arrows flew. Had it not been for Her Grace and Illyria melting out of the darkness behind our assailants, I might have perished that first night in Arthfell Forest. She joined us for the road to the Traveller’s Stop Inn, where we ran in to a band of Ne’er-do-wells called the Black Brotherhood who claimed that it’s only murder if it is a Human and a fight broke out. There was a theft that night of a thing called the ‘Panolopy of Narvan’, who was apparently a great king of these woods some two centuries ago, and they accused Illyria of doing it just because she was a Drow. We tracked down some ancient magical artifacts for a scholarly fellow, brought the brigands to justice, and found that the real thief was a shady gnomish travelling merchant to clear our names. The morning we left, the Sherriff gave us a magical dagger named ‘Brightflame’, and Ilyria decided to join us on the road to Oldfen. The young Halfling had disappeared – I think he had joined the team searching for the merchant’s horse and carriage, they were nowhere to be found when the Sherriff went to check it for evidence that morning – but Grolm continued to Oldfen.

It was on that road that we found a werewolf fighting a creature known as a Grippli – which is not a talking toad but isn’t not a talking toad – named Glen, who had purpose to join me in calling upon his aunt, the Lady Cirthana. He was adopted, I should clarify. You were right, she did need my help, a rot had grown within the well and the local healer-woman’s possible panacea consisted of exotic ingredients growing in dangerous places. One of those dangerous places was an abandoned Dwarven Monastery, full of kobolds and talking wolves and abominations of undeath and kidnapped children. The children are fine, but we were only able to rescue two of their would-be rescuers, and I have now witnessed two Halflings to retire from adventure.

I believe Torag spoke to me there. It may have been coincidence that I found a Tome which had survived the centuries, but it was divine intervention that I was Awoken after freeing Druingar the Glintaxe’s remains from a mindless slimy devourer – something spoke to me, and when I was clad in his armour and gripping his magical axe I suddenly understood everything. I could decipher the runes, the tongues, the prayers. The armour that His people had crafted fit me like a second skin. We dispatched a foul haunt of what must once have been Droskar’s Disciple, and when I was drawn to Torag’s anvil and Ilyria’s strange exotic blade was born anew of ruby dust – it was clear that the Gods themselves were confirming to me that not all denizens of the Underdark are themselves dark.

We leave now for Oldfen again, in the company of a Paladin of Iomedae known as Red Hood and an interesting fellow who was once a prisoner of the Kobold King and feels abashed of introductions. Perhaps it was the manner in which I strong-armed his assistance in rescuing the children, or maybe it is that he too is not entirely Human in a backwater province where that alone is enough to earn distrust, but I feel I must give him time to warm to us and come to terms with how close he came to dying down there. Regardless, he has shown devotion; if not to the Goddess, than at least to we, Her instruments. Some day he may find his courage again, but in the meantime he is welcome to stand behind my shield until he learns to use the crossbow he clings to for comfort. He is a terrible shot, but at least he hasn’t shot me.

May this letter find you in good spirits, and when we meet again you can explain to me how you set me on a three-month road to cure a plague that started a fortnight before my arrival.
Sine Cere,
Elenaril Eílşandøral

A kindred spirit in a red hood

We meandered our way back to the church…at least…I think it was the church? Everything hurts and they all talk too loudly – especially the frog. By the Peacock I wish to sew his mouth shut for a few moments silence, though I am told that ‘heroes don’t do such things’. My mouth feels as though it housed soiled linens for the evening. I need to bathe. I vaguely recall seeing Fumbles outside the church then seeing a giant warrior woman standing over me then bustling us in for the night.

In the morning I am awoken by chattering voices and the smell of coffee. My stomach rolls then I pick up part of their conversation – they are talking about a wolf on the outskirts of town. I tell the rest of the party that there has been a wolf sighted near the edge of the woods that has killed a few of the lumberjacks. At this point some of the memories from last night begin to trickle in and I recall stabbing Ellen repeatedly under the guise of ‘combat training’ while we partook in drinking and card games with a half-elf stranger. In reality, I just enjoyed wrastling with her as she may be the closest thing I have to a sister. You know…one that has not tried to actively kill me so far. We have a good working relationship, too. I kill things and she mends my wounds.

Ellen is talking about something when I remember my royal status and I worry that I may have lost my crown at some point in the festivities last night. I am deeply relieved to find it still atop my regal brow. Wait…IS it my crown? I take a few moments to carefully inspect it before deciding that it is, indeed, my crown and that no one has tampered with it.

Eventually, after even more words, words, words, we set out to the forest, in the direction of the burned out ruins of the boarding house. I see Jeva, the girl who had escaped the cruel grasp of the orphan keeper, flitting by the edge of the woods. I inquire as to her well being and if she is still safe. She assures me she is and wants to know what we are doing here – I tell her that we search for the warrior in the red hood. She tells me that she saw someone fitting that description heading north at a fast pace. I thank her and go back to the rest of the party. They are, no surprise, still talking. I tell them we go north and start out.

After some time, we come to a clearing and find a halfling petrified into stone. At his side is a nice looking kukri…sadly, it was also petrified to the statue. I wonder if I would be able to…a thought for another time and I would need some powerful magics to separate the knife from the halfling, I’m sure. Perhaps a lingering feeling of joviality from the previous night, I ask the frog for a bit of chalk. I take a moment to draw a moustache and monocle on the halfling. Yes…I could get used to this…humour.

We come to fight a cockatrice and I slay it. Sadly, with its death there is no longer any magic to its venom and I do not attempt to harvest anything from its body. However, the remains could be used for food…and Buttercup does look hungry. We continue on and eventually come across a campsite that we suspect The Hood used recently. Ellen cooks the cockatrice in a stew over the fire that is, admittedly, delicious. I keep watch and the rest bed down for the night.

Why do I keep taking watch? It’s terribly dull. I remember that I have a bunch of charcoal from the fire before it was relit and amuse myself by drawing a moustache and monocle onto Fumbles’ face. It momentarily relieves my boredom, but then I hear a scream in the woods: “Help me, she’s gone crazy!”

The camp awakens and The Red Hood bursts into the clearing yelling at us to stop the old woman. The others make useless blather while I yell over to Red that we would tie the old woman up if she consented to be tied as well, proving she means no harm to us. Red agreed in the midst of the jawing noise, but it was too late – the old woman had already begun to take the form of a large wolf…and we had to fight…because these fools I am with are all too ready to use their words instead of their weapons, they are preoccupied with talking out their feelings with the grandmother wolf creature instead of falling into action. One of these days….I just might melt into the shadows and see what happens…

Vermella (as Red Hood introduces herself to me) talks with us briefly while we dismember the creature. Vermella takes a tooth and puts it on a string around her neck, the others squabble over what to do with the rest. While the battle with the shape shifting creature has ended, Vermella still seems a bit on edge. We share a chuckle over the appearance of Fumbles, who still has no idea of my night-time beauty regime for him while he slept. After the dirty work is over, she collapses on the ground in exhaustion – I have a feeling she has been without restful sleep for as long as she has pursued this vile being. I like her – she is a warrior like myself and seemed to think the amount of talking the rest of the group does is overkill. No pun intended. I am really getting this humour thing down pat, I think.

Ellen just can’t do nice things for others. She lost her holy symbol to some kind of demon that disguised itself as an injured hawk. Vermella tried to shoot it out of the sky after it blinked out of view, but it ultimately escaped.

When we got back to town, Ellen received another holy symbol from her fellow priestess, though she seemed to be sullen over the loss of her original trinket. Peacock is all, do the still not see this?

The others scatter: Vermella goes off to talk to Lady Cirthana, Ellen says she is off to find the sheriff, Fumbles sticks close and reads, and Peacock knows where the frog goes. I stay close to the church as it is still daylight out. When they return I suggest we go out somewhere public to eat for the evening, but really I just want to see the look on Fumbles’ face when he realizes he’s gone the entire night and day with a moustache and monocle drawn on his face. I wonder if I could blame the fairies..


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