Eiridan Volarion

A well groomed young man, bearing the holy symbol of Iomedae upon his armor and hammer.


A pretty boy. He is heavily armoured and is passionated about justice in the world. When the party met him he had the very faint remnants of a black eye on his left side.


He currently is in Oldfen tracking down Red Hood for her slights against the church. After she returned to town, he accepted her apology but told her that she would still have to answer to the shinning lady and to seek out Sister Minerva.

Eiridan grew up essentially as an army brat. His father a sergeant of the guard and his mother a healer of Iomedae for said guard. both were constantly sent on away missions together for the safety of the realm. As always both would come home and regale tales of their adventures to Eiridan.
When he was old enough Eiridan began his studies at the Iomedae church practicing the rituals required to join the clergy. All the while he kept up his study under his father to enhance his sword-arm. Upon his graduation from his beginner schooling he enlisted as a squire in the Paladin academy. He was assigned to an aging Paladin named Cyan Garamonde. During his apprenticeship Cyan imparted his strong sense of justice to Eridian and taught him the ways of the paladin but also the valuable skill of survival for use on long missions and tracking down criminals. After 5 years of study and preparation, he finished his training and became a Paladin of the Order of Justice.

Eiridan Volarion

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