David's Darkmoon Deeds

Would be Hero Pt.2

Early the next morning Glenn finishes his story to his fathers grave.

Hey Dad, I’m back.

Now where was I. Oh right.

We celebrated the first night back feeling really great about ourselves. So we decided to have some fun with a drinking game. I won somehow but Ellen was definitely the best one at not spending her money, and Illyria gets very knivezy when she’s had a few.

The next morning Aunt Cirthana had a request for us to help track down and assist an associate of hers named Red Hood. Not wasting any time we headed off into the Darkmoon forest again. Tracking Red wasn’t difficult at all. Kinda like following a rampaging owlbear. The tracks led us to a cockatrice lair with a poor stoned halfling who we’re still working on fixing. I call him Mr Slate.

We were camping for the evening and pretty sure we were close on the trail of Red when a old lady came screaming through our camp claiming some crazy woman was chasing her.

Right as if on cue out comes Red, she screams to not let the Beast get away. Some confusion ensued with who this beast was when the old lady up and turns into a giant werewolf thing. I knew all those mongrels were bad. A big fight ensued where somehow the damn dog swallowed me whole!! And on top of that somehow I was able to stand up inside it and chopped him so hard he barfed me up. Which was gross by the way. With the help of Red we managed to take down the beast. Intrigued by my story about being able to stand up inside the dog’s stomach we skinned the pelt off the beast and cut out its stomach for study.

On the way back to town we came across an injured hawk and both Illyria and Ellen insisted on helping it out only for it to turn into an Imp and steal Ellen’s holy symbol. You can’t even trust the animals around here can you. After that we swung by and picked up Mr. Slate and headed back to town.

That night a very big storm rolled in and even with the poor weather we decided to head down to Oldfen. The ferry ride was fun even with Red almost drowning in the choppy water. A few hours of slow travel later we were ambushed by some Ankheg, the first couple were normal sized but suddenly a third super sized Ankheg burst out in front of us. We fought and drove off the monster. For good measure I shot at it with my bow to make sure it stayed away. But holy crap dad I totally landed like the best shot of my life. The arrow hit the beast on the wing base and it spun out of control and crashed into the ground dead! We were all like “ Did that just happen?” Needless to say that even in the pouring rain I was on cloud nine. Not letting good materials go to waste we made use of the Ankhegs natural carapace and got some good armor material. By this time the wind had picked up a lot and I decided to make a game out of using ankheg wings to fly/jump down the road. It was kinda fun until the wind ripped them out of my hands. Oh well.

When we came to the crossroads the road had become so flooded that another traveler suggested we should stop by the nearby farmhouse for the night unless we wanted to swim to Oldfen. I was game for the swim but the ladies weren’t so off to the farmhouse we went. Creepy place by the way. When we go there we were greeted by some poncy dude in a butler outfit. Can’t remember his name right now so he will be Mr. B. So Mr. B greeted us at the door to the farmhouse and … oh right his name was Demetrius… So he leads us to this room where we meet the lady of the house named Chandra. They fed us dinner and gave us a room to sleep in, which was nice. That’s pretty much where it ended. Ellen woke us up in the middle of the night claiming to hear screams from the attic. So we went to investigate. Illyria led the way followed closely by Red. Of course at that point the door slammed shut and I was forced to use my crowbar. You know which one, it’s the one that we kept in the back shed….. Umm…… right locked door. So after a couple tried the door opened up to some prying and Ellen and myself were able to join the other 2 upstairs. The evil chalkboard then tried to eat my soul, which was a very very unpleasant experience, So I hit it with the warhammer I got. I named the hammer Doorcracker, thought you’d like that. After a couple strong hits the board was destroyed., and so was the east wall of the attic. My bad, but the wall was evil I swear.

Let’s see what happened next…… Oh right.

So once we finished upstairs we went to apologize to the lady of the house only to find her not in her room. At like 2 in the morning how weird right?! So we checked on the kids. Only to be attacked by their ghosts! I was beside myself cuz the way they were referred to at dinner was that they had just gone to bed for the night not forever! Like I said before this house gave off a seriously creepy vibe.. Oh ya Fumbles finally caught up to us at the farmhouse and brought a new friend with him. A dwarf who looks like he found the wrong end of a blast furnace. We checked out the sitting room again after introductions were made and found a secret torture chamber with a poor kids corpse in it. ……. sniff.. sniff…. lets just say I may have taken some frustrations out on the lady’s things. Stupid kid killing jerk face. We then went to Mr.B’s room and didn’t find him anywhere either. But we did find something downstairs in the cellar and I was asked/told/volunteered to go get the shovel from the mules.

Not willing to walk through the super creepy orchard with the scarecrow things shifting in the wind. I cut through the path in the corn field and came upon the barn. The place was surprisingly well lit for so late at night and super stealthily I spied our psycho hostess doing some demon ritual thingy. The night air must have cleared my head or maybe I heard one of your many lessons spring through my mind but I decided it would be better to confront her with the rest of my friends than alone. I ran back to them and we all confronted her. By the way she was no longer as nice looking or human looking anymore so when she attacked us it really wasn’t a surprise. I felt a little sleepy again all of a sudden but managed to shrug it off this time…. I really do need to learn more about this spellcasting stuff. After some cow demon things chasing Fumbles and his new friend and Red tossing a perfect spiral blade first through the demon bitch we lived and the bad guys didn’t. And we found a toad with eyes that looked like the butlers hiding out by the mules in the barn. We can always use more frogs around so I picked him up and put him in a pouch for safety.

We then cleaned up the mess of dead people in the house and made sure all of them were buried properly in the family graveyard. Found the other 2 kids just dropped off in the field in sacks. That woman deserved to die so many times over. Once that was done we went back to the farmhouse through the front door. On the porch I was still a little upset so I kicked the crazy lady’s pumpkins which sprung to life around us. After some smashing and exploding pumpkins we got back to sleep for the night. The storm died off overnight so we had an easy trek down to Oldfen.

Our renters are doing fine and are keeping up the place like you would want and I’m doing well. Just trying to look out for the little guys. Like you always did for me.

I miss you dad…

Hope you’re proud of me and talk to you soon.


dpn630 RobertNelson

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