David's Darkmoon Deeds

Would be Hero

Glenn recounts his adventures to his Father's grave

Hey Dad,

It’s been a while hasn’t it? I’m sorry for not visiting more often, but I’ve done what you always taught me to do. I’ve been helping people.

Right. Okay I know that’s pretty vague, so let me start at the beginning.

It was a few months after loosing you and I was out collecting some wolfsbane for the Eagle Knights when I came across the path of a mongrel. Following its tracks like you taught me I managed to close in on the wolf. It must have noticed me because it suddenly started running at full tilt towards the road. It burst from the brush and tried to attack some passing travelers. It didn’t get far and thanks to Moonblight and some help from the travelers we slew the beast.

The travellers were a couple elves heading into Oldfen and onto Falcon’s Hollow. Their names are Illyria and Ellen. Ellen is a priestess of Iomedae,you know, like Aunt Cirthana. She’s good people, always trying to do the right thing. You would have liked her. The other one is a bit of a private and slightly grouchy person who likes to keep to the shadows but she’s got a soft spot I’ve seen when she thinks nobody is looking. Which is sometimes difficult as she’s really really good at that keeping to the shadows thing.

So like I said, they were making a stop off here and then heading onto Falcon’s Hollow and as I had decided that I would go there and spend some time helping out Aunt Cirthana since it was very lonely at home. They agreed that I could join them on the journey north.

The day trip up to Falcon’s Hollow was fairly uneventful from what I remember. We met a very funny dwarf at the river into town named Navoir. I never did think that i would meet a dwarf who likes water but this guy proved me wrong.

Aunt Cirthana was happy to see me but was sad to hear of your passing. She was having a bit of a crisis with a plague of sorts that was ripping through Falcon’s Hollow. Naturally I volunteered to help and was happy to hear that my new travelling companions were also interested in helping.

Turns out the local Herbalist knew of an old remedy for this kind of sickness so we went off to find the ingredients. By the oldest tree in the Darkmoon woods we fought a Dragon!!! It was a rather small one but still a dragon. On the way to a witches house we were ambushed by hobgoblins who hurt a small fennec fox to try and get to us. We defeated the hobgoblins and rescued the fox, who after some healing magic from Ellen took a shining to Illyria. After the witches hut we wound up in an old dwarven monastery where we found a big ugly talking wolf. Of course he tried to trick us in to letting our guard down but I was having none of that and when he inevitably tried to kill us we were prepared.

With all the ingredients in tow we made our way back to town and got back in time to save many of the townsfolk from a nasty death.

Soon after the plague thing we decided to help out again when a group of local children had gone missing. They were last seen hanging out at the recently burnt down orphanage just outside of town. When there we found some kind of messed up torture room under the ruins. Other than that we did find tracks that led us off into the woods where we came across a young feral girl named Jeva. She helped us track the Kobolds to the river and from there we parted ways.

The Kobolds lead us back to the Dwarven Monastery where we encountered the Warg Greypelt. From there we went further into the lower levels. There we encountered a tribe of Kobolds, aand a frikkin ghost of a dwarf in shiny mithril armor, and carrying a glowing axe called Glintaxe! Ok maybe it turned out to be a giant cube of acid goo that kinda hurt when it bumped into you but the ghost makes for a better story. From there we came across a Kitchen brawl where one of the kids and a chubby halfling named Edgrin, and one other kid hiding under the table. The scrappy kid was the tailors daughter Kimi, who was determined to help find her still missing friends.

We proceeded to find one of the missing kids in a burial crypt where Ellen did some cool priestly thing and exploded a whack load of skeletons intent on ripping us a new one. We then came across a disgruntled group of Kobolds, who we managed to convince to abandon their king and start a new tribe far away. Another kid we found bound and gagged by a giant dwarf demon thing that had a nasty stink about him. Glintaxe was quite efficient at chopping back to the abyss and when Ellen had a rather bad reaction to the chain thing we decided to use the fancy adamantite warhammer he held to smash it to bits. So with 4 of the 5 missing kids down we made our way down a crack in the wall of the dwarves forge.

At the bottom of the hole we were ambushed by a giant demon bat thing which fell quickly to Glintaxe, but before we could take in our victory the wall came alive and seriously hurt Ellen. Well Illyria and I were having nothing of that and charged into the stone beast that attacked her. She delt what should have been a vast wound but it’s skin seemed to tough for the blow. I swung into the monster with all my strength and felt like I was striking pure stone the vibration was so strong. It must have been stronger than I thought since the blow caused the stone monster to shatter apart. I mean holy crap dad I hit a rock monster so hard it shattered apart!!!!

From there we took out some of the nearby guards and patrols for the lower level and came across a bound monster who Illyria was able to talk to somehow. It agreed to help us save the kids since we saved its life. In the store room we took a rest as the trek so far had been exhausting. When we woke we made way through the tunnels searching for the last child. We defeated some more guards and came across the nursery. Where an old kobold matron helped us through the caves in exchange for the lives of the hatchlings and herself. Wasn’t gonna hurt them anyway so was a good deal in my opinion. On route to the chiefs chambers we came upon a bound and gagged human who “agreed” to help us with some minor pursuasion from Illy. He’s called Fumbles. Doesn’t seem to want us to know him by anything else. That’s a little wierd isn’t it?

Let’s see we fought through a slime filled room and some freaky frogs and made it to the Kobold chief only to have a nap right away. Didn’t even realize I was tired. Stupid magic stuff. Gotta learn more about it. But I was kicked awake and after a tough fight we came out victorious. Still no kid though. So further into the caves we found a wierd kobold lady thing that was obsessed with shiny things. Then finally found the last child and Some crazy white Kobold shaman dude who just cut the heart outta some poor human.

We dashed into the room and quickly slew the evil bastard before he could hurt anyone else. Rescued the kid and got them all home safely.

Glenn looks around the graveyard only to realize that it is past dusk and he should probably go find his companions.

It’s been good talking with you dad but I gotta run. I’ll be back tomorrow morning to tell you the rest of my adventures so far.


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