David's Darkmoon Deeds

To my Uncle,

You must know something by now

Dear Uncle,
I have not heard from you in ages. I have waited in this town of misfits waiting to hear if you have any news of my brothers. Since last we have talked a lot has happened. The group that has amused me on my travels are showing their true colours. The humans are always obsessed with helping others with no regard for their own lives, but the one that I am still trying to find out about is this Drow. She comes and goes, and is replaced by these beautiful women. I would almost describe them as princess like.
I am not writing about them but that of my new bond. I have been graced with an animal companion named ORso, and orphan like me I presume. This little guy backs a punch for being a small cub. I have kept it out of trouble till the time I am writing you. Gozreh, has made it clear that his lands are in danger and we (ORso and I) need to cleanse these lands. I write to you so that you can listen to the whispers of Gozreh in the wind. If you hear of my troubles or how to defeat these minions it would be great. I need as many followers of Gozreh as we can get to give us strength to help us defeat this evil from his land. As I write this ORso is sniffing the air. Waiting to smell the scent of fresh flowers in the breeze as any good follower knows that Gozreh sends his help through the wind. May he come in time to help us in our time of need.
Please let Auntie know I miss her and I will one day run into you guys. I am starting to realize that mother might of been right. I am not fit to be a ranger but only time will tell.

From your loving Nephew


dpn630 Misyc

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