David's Darkmoon Deeds

I found out what my cloak does.

It causes hilarity, for me at least.

I took my time figuring out what to do with my cloak – it was, after all, taken off the body of a shapeshifting monster. I discover I can change my appearance at will. Fascinating. I will have to take advantage of this as I see it coming in handy as people seem to be hesitant towards me. I mean, for good reason. I’m deadly and people generally anger me with their idiocy…it’s not a good combination.

I venture out into the town with the hood up and disguised as an everyday-regular person. So far so good, but the real test will be with those who I regularly interact with. I head back to the church and pass myself off as a young woman who has come to pray for the evening. Completely out of character for myself, to be certain.

I observe the others come in and talk amongst themselves. Buttercup must be in the other room still sleeping on the bed – not like she needs the beauty-rest, dear thing. So far I have fooled everyone, seeing as they invite a perfect stranger to have dinner with them. A new development in the party: the dwarf has a bear. They came in covered in mud from rolling about in the woods (some barbaric bonding ritual, perhaps). Buttercup wakes up and is cautious around the bear at first, then runs over to me – I try to downplay it and pretend that I’ve never seen her before. My little darling fox is more intuitive than all the others in this room combined, though the game might have ended.

The dwarf is the only one at this point who is still fooled, though he strongly suspects that there is something terribly (and terrifyingly?) familiar about my new form. I come up behind him to whisper that his paranoia is showing. He is almost completely convinced I am, indeed, the great Illarya.

This will be interesting to say the least.


dpn630 LlamaGirl

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