David's Darkmoon Deeds

Champion of DA drink


Dear the land, sea, and air,
and the ether in between,
I be beckon you to listen to my prayers,
Gozreh, I need your advice on who I should seek.
Please, it is life or death
Heed my call….
From your faithful servant.
(Chanting this as I make a crude carving of Gozreh, digging a hole in the ground pouring water and placing the figurine in the middle of the hole with offerings, one gold, ration, piece of fur, piece of clothing, and the following written on a scroll)

on the scroll it said…..

They take a dwarf for a couple of rounds and guess who was the last standing. That’s right…this guy. So after a great night of drinking….frog buggered off to tinker with his cold steel. The two other ladies disappeared to the next morning, I always thought those two where not into dwarf.

Let’s get into the real deal why I am sending wind from this town. The town was overrun by dark fey and now the townsfolk are turning on the good fey. I am trying my best to make the people see that the fey mean them no harm, but with this group being organized to take the fey I believe there will be a lot of trouble. My group does not believe what I am seeing but something must be done. They don’t want the townsfolk to know what is happening to their town but let them live their lives in the dark. They need to know that the fey could help him, that there are dark forces out there to watch out for and there are forests you just don’t cut down because of repercussions of what might happen. I feel hopeless, I don’t want to see anymore of these townfolk suffer, if only one of my goods could help me find peace for this town or the fey I would be humbled. I know that my group might not think the way I do but everyone has the chance for goodness and no more blood needs to be shed. Please help your faithful servant.



dpn630 Misyc

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