The darkness beneath the boughs of Darkmoon Wood and the cold stones of the nearby mountains hide all manner of secrets—some deadly, many dangerous. Secrets abound too in the more civilized areas of the vale, within the grimy recesses of Falcon’s Hollow and under the shadows of the tall buildings of Olfden. Even the vast and open plain that dominates Darkmoon Vale contains its secrets, as a wrong step can plunge an unwary traveler through a thin crust of earth into boiling water or superheated mud beneath.
—Luna Aldred,
Pathfinder and First Citizen of Olfden

Darkmoon wood

The ramshackle town of Falcon’s Hollow rests perilously close to the infamous Darkmoon Wood. The jagged shadow of nearby mountains casts a shroud of gloom on the desperate souls who call this place home. Many are drawn here to make their fortune cutting a swath of dark- wood lumber through the lush forests of the vale. Others journey to these remote fringes to start over, piecing together their shattered lives on the edge of an untouched wilderness far from the things of man. Persecuted zealots and outcasts flock to Falcon’s Hollow. Here, these fanatics practice their strange and often deviant rites unfettered by the mores of civilization. Still others are lured to Falcon’s Hollow by the promise of great adventure. Peril and splendor await within the accursed halls of dwarven kings of old, whose glorious civilization long ago shattered and crumbled to dust.

David's Darkmoon Deeds

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