“Birth and death are written in the bones, but
bones can be broken.”

Goddess of fate, death, prophecy, and birth
Alignment N
Domains Death, Healing, Knowledge, Repose, Water
Favored Weapon Dagger

The Lady of Graves is cold and business-like in her demeanor, for she always has work to do and much of it is grim. Having seen infants die, the righteous fall too soon, and tyrants live to advanced age, she makes no judgment about the justness of a particular death and welcomes each birth with equal severity. At the moment of birth, she knows where a particular soul will end up, but she reserves her official verdict until the last possible moment, as she knows prophecies can be wrong or fail. She believes in fate and predestination but understands the need for vagueness and misinterpretation to allow for the illusion of free will.

Members of the priesthood are usually clerics, diviners, or “white necromancers” (wizards who study necromancies other than the creation of undead), though especially skilled midwives and hedge wizards have been known to gain authority in some areas. Priests oversee births, and having one at childbirth almost always assures that mother and child will live. They are the stewards of the dead, and most are familiar with funereal customs from their own and nearby lands. They are the protectors of graveyards and the memory of those who have died, guarding sites from robbers and corpse-animators and memorizing or recording what they know about anyone who dies in their presence. The church despises the undead as abominations to the natural order, and all priests follow this belief without question; creating undead is forbidden, and controlling existing undead frowned upon.


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