Justice and honor are a heavy burden for the righteous.

Goddess of valor, rulership, justice, and honor
Alignment LG
Domains Glory, Good, Law, Sun, War
Favored Weapon Longsword

Iomedae is a righteous knight, spreading the good word and crushing evil with the force of her presence and mighty sword. Though skilled in war, she is not a war deity. She would rather convince evildoers to surrender their arms in honorable surrender than cut them down in the midst of battle, but she is fearless and willing to fight for what she believes in. As Aroden’s followers turned to her for comfort when he died, she informally enforces his teachings as well, although she is more forward-looking in her goals and doesn’t let herself be constrained by the events of the past. She loathes incorrigible evil, demonspawn, traitors, and those who abuse good in the name of greater good.

All of Iomedae’s priests are clerics or paladins, though she has many ranger followers serving the church. Priests must act honorably, show courage in battle, uphold righteous laws, and bring evildoers to justice. They must set a good example for common folk, especially children, both in appearance and attitude, and even the most battle weary priest stands proud and tall in the presence of impressionable youths. Some refuse to enter a city if they are dirty, stopping by an outlying inn or home for wash water. They take their responsibilities very seriously and most conduct themselves like great knights. Some priests vow to never use a weapon other than a longsword, though this oath is not required by the church. In their pursuit of fairness and justice, most have several ranks in Sense Motive to better help them weed out liars.


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