Tag: Shire of Elberwick


  • Sheriff Cage Blunnde

    Sheriff Cage has been working for the areas surrounding the Arthfell forest for several years now. He is known as very competent and just. The people of the towns and thorps have come to rely on him to ensure banditry does not run rampant along the trade …

  • Lorkyhay Ganderhoddle

    Lorkyhay Ganderhoddle is secretly a sorcerer who uses his abilities to steal from customers. The owl, named Scutter, is his familiar. He is heading to a local jail in the Shire of Elberwick due to his involvement in stealing the 'dagger'

  • Estle Winterbloom

    Although Estle is often referred to as many of the locals she is actually just a woman with moderate skill in potion making. However, many of the locals avoid her so she tends to come to bar and sits alone - only venturing away from home when she needs …