Tag: Quinn's Carnival


  • Namdrin Quinn

    Namdrin Quinn should have amounted to nothing more than a rootless vagabond performer and sometime thief, no doubt destined for a young death and a shallow grave. But love intervened. When a constable named Tessa Kelrand caught the handsome young half-elf …

  • Gradzaal

    Gradzaal was once a minotaur slave of a cruel bugbear warlord before Tessa and Namdrin freed him. Now the shaggy minotaur serves as the carnival’s strongman, bending steel bars, lifting marble benches with as many as six grown lumberjacks seated on them …

  • Stitch

    Been part of Quinn's Carnival for sometime. During the attack on the fey, he did his best to keep people safe. He drank a fiery concoction of his own devising that has helped relieve some of the cold fey's dark powers.

  • Tessa Kelrand

    Tessa caught the handsome young half-elf robbing a temple, she changed his life forever. Tessa tamed Namdrin—first with her sword, then with her heart. She fell as hard as he after their first clash, and their scandalous affair blossomed into romance. …

  • Reyny

    He has been part of Quinn's carnival for sometime. He met the Blades of Glory at the Rouge Lady when [[:elenaril-eilsandoral | Elen]] approached him and two of his fellow carnies. Through some fancy foot work he 'swept' Elen off her feet.

  • Madame Viscolla

    She promised Glenn and Icy Prison for his death and Impaling of Antlers for Illyria. Neither of them took her up on her offer to change their future for a price. She did, however, give Illyria a mysterious cold iron wand, and the advice "use it well when …