Tag: Oregent


  • Oregent City Hall

    A large mansion of mostly timber, the massive entrance hall boasts the mayor's working space while the rest of the mansion provides the elects living space. Paulus, a young messy haired man with round glasses works as the mayor's assistant. Tasked with …

  • Dusty Pigeon

    A slightly above modest tavern and inn this two storey building can hold up to 20 guests per night. The large main floor has a centre island bar with a raised platform for its gnomish owners, to be able to speak at eye level with any patron wishing to sit …

  • Liglap

    Liglap bought the Dusty Pigeon from its previous owner who sold it to her for a very good price just under a decade ago. She pours her life into this tavern and loves every minute of it. She has been married to her husband for many years and although …

  • Blokwus

    Blokwus doesn't remember how long he has been married to [[:liglap | Liglap]] and despite her yelling and nagging he is quite content with his lot in life.