Tag: Oldfen


  • Defender of the Faith

    Commissioned by [[:elenaril-eilsandoral | Elenaril Eilsandoral]] from [[:melissa-rosemond | Melissa Rosemond]]. She had it completed by the time Elen had returned.

  • Royal Axe

    One of the local weapons shops in Oldfen. Fine craftsmanship of a variety of different weapons. *Proprietor:* Borin SwiftAxe *Merchandise:* Any standard - some possible masterwork or more exotic weapons.

  • Salty Shield

    A pristine kept shop with an owner who has a penchant for exotic dwarf merchandise. *Proprietor:* Erin Stoney *Merchandise:* All basic armour and willing to make masterwork pieces on commission. She purchased the Book of Torag off the party …

  • Crimson Canine

    A host of magical trinkets are sold at the Canine. Odds and ends from the occult litter the shelves and glass display cases of the store. *Proprietor:* Mythrielle Langsung *Merchandise:* Minor Wondrous Items.

  • The Steel Pony

    A local alchemical shop. A smattering of oils, and vials are adorned neatly on the shops walls. behind the counter the party met Samlet George, son of Mitch. Weapon Blanches can be acquired from here. As well as alchemist fire, anti toxins, wolf's bane …

  • Agreeing Weapon

    A simple blacksmith shop. The forge is located outside under a patio cover with opening for the chimney. Inside are several weapon racks, a couple suits of chain mail armour, but mostly everyday tools, hammers, horseshoes, etc. Above the counter …

  • Maple Ridge Institute

    This tall marble stone building is set in a in between shops and on just off the centre of town. Written in draconic along the eaves are the words _Irthir ui vers. Vers erekess irthir._ Inside, the foyer has a crest of an open tome with arcane energy …

  • Town Hall

    Large stone columns adorn the front of the two story building. Inside the foyer has a desk with a receptionist. In behind are a series of rooms on either side and at the back of the hall is a stair case that leads up to more offices and records rooms. The …

  • The Pleasant Leaf

    Situated just north of the Town Hall and the Five Falcon's Fountain. Some of the upper rooms can catch a view of the fountains from their room's window. A place that mainly caters the middle class merchant types, every patron is expected to sign a …

  • Marteva d’Salle

    Marteva was living her dream until her husband fell in the Night of Silver Blood. Since then she has had to take over her husband's business [[Tepid Transports | Tepid Transports]]. However, she seems to have made the business thrive even more for some …

  • Questionable Brawler

    He first met the party in [[Oldfen | Oldfen]]. He was intoxicated and inquired to their purpose in the town. Afterwards offered them a reward if they could make him yield. Glenn tried to brawl with him one on one and fainted. He told them all that they …

  • Melissa Rosemond

    Melissa loves her work at the [[Agreeing Weapon | Agreeing Weapon]]. She is happy to deal with customers, but she is a gruff and no nonsense kind of woman.

  • Obghat

    Obghat is a jovial and loud man who welcomes all into his shop heartily.

  • Sister Minerva

    Minerva was appointed the high priest of the church in Oldfen after a recent expedition against a fiendish troupe. She has been here for 2 years now. She is currently looking for a remedy to [[:red-hood | Red]]'s ailment

  • Sarash

    Sarash has worked as the greeter historian at the institute, guiding strangers and students alike for years. He enjoys the smell of old tomes and the pursuit of knowledge.