Tag: Elen


  • Honoured Warrior's Blade

    Of the six warriors interred here in [[Cold Marrow | Cold Marrow]], only one managed to escape servitude. As he sensed the [[:merlokrep | kobold king’s]] corruption of his fellows, this warrior—brave in death as he was in life—plunged his ancestral blade …

  • Glintaxe's Armour

    Little is known of this armour except it was once worn by the famous dwarven hero 'Glintaxe'. It now belongs to [[:elenaril-eilsandoral | Elenaril Eilsandoral]] and has been tweaked to fit her perfectly by [[:frog | Glenn]] and he has also been able to …

  • Gauntlets of Ogre Power

    These gauntlets fell into possession of Jhoruk after he took them off an adventuring barbarian deep in the Darkmoon Wood.

  • Defender of the Faith

    Commissioned by [[:elenaril-eilsandoral | Elenaril Eilsandoral]] from [[:melissa-rosemond | Melissa Rosemond]]. She had it completed by the time Elen had returned.