Tag: Darkmoon Woods


  • Jeva

    She led the party to believe that wounds that caused by Elara were for her own good. She teared up heavily if pried more into it. She seemed to take an interest when [[:elenaril-eilsandoral | Ellen]] talked of [[Iomedae | Iomedae]].

  • Buttercup

    Buttercup was found caught in a hunter's trap grievously wounded. The party drove off the hunter who set the trap and rescued the fox from the trap. [[:elenaril-eilsandoral | Elenaril Eilsandoral]] tended to its wounds, while [[:illyria | Illyria]] …

  • Ambrosia

    Syntira’s younger sister and a newfound thorn in the queen’s side, Ambrosia recently put aside her love of beauty and kindness in favor of malice and cruelty. Now a sadistic and cold-hearted fey, Ambrosia takes whatever opportunity she can to harm …

  • Morgsa

    She happened upon the party while they rested after the slaughter of the new lumber camp.

  • Syntira

    Syntira, nymph queen of Darkmoon Vale, and I am of the First World. My court of fey lived in these dark woods before the first of your kind set foot upon its verdant green. For an age or more we have watched you from tree and shadow, through spider’s eyes …

  • The Stoned Halfling

    Found bellow a Cockatrice's nest in the [[Darkmoon Wood | Darkmoon Wood]]. Taken back to [[Falcon's Hollow]]. Currently in the corner of the church of Iomedae

  • Grung Knifetongue

    Grung had his first run in with the [[Blades of Glory]] when they rescued [[:null | 'Buttercup"]] from his trap. He fled to fight another day

  • Lucimar

    Lucimar explains that he was once a common wolf but Kasthak used his magic to awaken true thought in his head and taught him to honor Erastil. After Kasthak died over a decade ago, Lucimar continued to patrol the area, alert for evil or a human in trouble …