Tag: Carnival of Tears


  • Ambrosia

    Syntira’s younger sister and a newfound thorn in the queen’s side, Ambrosia recently put aside her love of beauty and kindness in favor of malice and cruelty. Now a sadistic and cold-hearted fey, Ambrosia takes whatever opportunity she can to harm …

  • Gradzaal

    Gradzaal was once a minotaur slave of a cruel bugbear warlord before Tessa and Namdrin freed him. Now the shaggy minotaur serves as the carnival’s strongman, bending steel bars, lifting marble benches with as many as six grown lumberjacks seated on them …

  • The Swinomancer

    An evil fey who belongs to the Unseelie court. His true joy is binging himself and filling mortals with tainted food. He was running the rotten pie eating contest during the Carnival of Tears. When the Blades of Glory showed up he fled.

  • Prig

    A mischievous quickly who works for the Cold Rider. He showed up to taunt the party after they shut down the Blind Peep Show during the Carnival of Tears. After chasing him around the fair grounds he slipped on the ice and dropped the witch ice shard. He …