David's Darkmoon Deeds

A tale begun
Grolm gives it to a hob

The three adventurers travelled towards the Traveller’s Stop Inn. While resting they were ambushed by two hobgoblins and a drow came to their aid, not before Grolm took some manhood and then fainted.

Later they found dogs who were chewing on a hobgoblin. After they found Brightflame.

At the inn a brawl was started by the Black Banner Company.

Some property was damaged. The sheriff took the blade. And house arrest occurred. The next day the blade had been stolen, but with keen wit and the help of ’ a witch’ they were able to solve the mystery and the gnome was arrested.

Later that morning they set off after the Panolopy of Narven, trailing the Black Banner Company

A new day begins
The prequel to first session

Welcome hardy adventurers!

Although you are all of different backgrounds you all are heading through the Arthfell forest towards [[Falcon’s Hollow | Falcon’s Hollow]]!

You may choose whatever reason you like, but please let me know the reason before we play for the first time!

As of right now, none of you know each other, but if you wish to have invent a logical reason please run it by me and we can roll with that!

and with that…. Huzzah!


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