David's Darkmoon Deeds

What a beautiful day
start of something beautiful

Oh Orso,
Get off of me… I know it is time to get up. What should we do today? Let’s head back into town and get some goods. More food for you, I know… (as ORSO dances around me excited when I say food) and some traveling wares, maybe some flasks of oil to return to Ellen for her kindly giving us one. Even making some arrows… maybe try to find out if we can make a fire arrow or material that can act as fire. Also maybe, some cure scrolls and some potions. Of course, the main thing is finding someone who can build you armour. You are the one I am seeking to protect because you are the change to my life that has lead me to my role. So let’s head into town.
ORSO….stop licking that. Let’s head. Hi Ho…off to town we go.
What a beautiful day, thank the gods for this.

The end
it takes death to bring birth

Oh Orso,
So much death… Why do people do this to each other? The faye where tormented by an evil spirit of the cold rider, but the people have been cutting things for years. They should know that nature might take its revenge. I know it was not the way Gozreh would of punished them for what they did but why don’t they pay tribute to what they take. I have seen so much over my lifetime, my mother always told me to repay what I take. From when we were deep in the mines of the mountain we always collapsed the tunnels we never used. We thank the mountains for giving us gems. I know not all dwarves felt the way my parents did to mountain. This is why we eventually left the mountain for our little cottage by the river under the shadow of the great peaks. Though, trouble did follow us, all I know is we found each other and must protect those that have no voice.
Orso, you where hurt that battle and I can’t lose you too. We must find some armour that will protect you, or we need to find a way to protect you in battle. We will practice your attacks and stealth in the forest while the others attend to their personal business. We must train, I can’t lose you. I must not lose you. You are the only one that has my back. We are family and even the faye knew this.

(this was all said behind the tent where we freed the tree people. We look around the each of the forest and just behind the tree line we go there and practice his acts, stealth techniques, and retreating. While doing this I keep the nymph’s inspiration in my hand. Describing why we are doing this…)

Hours passed and night has fallen and all my group has left the carnival to head back to town. I set up a camp in the tree line. Not heading to the church, I have the need to be out of the roof of a church.

Burn baby Burn...
Back to nature

Oh Gozreh,
The stubby one did me a favour and burnt down the thing that destroys your environment. As I sit her praying to you over this smouldering tent. I can leave this place knowing no one will use these tools for cutting your domain down anymore. Orso, has been a great companion and a good friend to listen to my problem. I wish though that you can guide me in your holy quest.
Your faithful servant

Making a statue,
Shrine to Gozreh

“Respect the sea and the sky, lest we bring you ruin.—Hymns to the Wind and the Waves”
I chant as I pull a piece of wood from the little huts we stop by and create a crude figure of Gozreh, I hopes he will hear my chants.

As I am doing this ORso is clawing the ground to create a hole in the ground. I stick the figure standing up in the hole and pour water from my waterskin and I continue to chant. ORso, sips from the water.

I look up into the sky as I finish my chant.

I look at ORso, and bend down to him and give him a nuzzle and we just booth turn to look up into the sky.

To my Uncle,
You must know something by now

Dear Uncle,
I have not heard from you in ages. I have waited in this town of misfits waiting to hear if you have any news of my brothers. Since last we have talked a lot has happened. The group that has amused me on my travels are showing their true colours. The humans are always obsessed with helping others with no regard for their own lives, but the one that I am still trying to find out about is this Drow. She comes and goes, and is replaced by these beautiful women. I would almost describe them as princess like.
I am not writing about them but that of my new bond. I have been graced with an animal companion named ORso, and orphan like me I presume. This little guy backs a punch for being a small cub. I have kept it out of trouble till the time I am writing you. Gozreh, has made it clear that his lands are in danger and we (ORso and I) need to cleanse these lands. I write to you so that you can listen to the whispers of Gozreh in the wind. If you hear of my troubles or how to defeat these minions it would be great. I need as many followers of Gozreh as we can get to give us strength to help us defeat this evil from his land. As I write this ORso is sniffing the air. Waiting to smell the scent of fresh flowers in the breeze as any good follower knows that Gozreh sends his help through the wind. May he come in time to help us in our time of need.
Please let Auntie know I miss her and I will one day run into you guys. I am starting to realize that mother might of been right. I am not fit to be a ranger but only time will tell.

From your loving Nephew

A prayer to Gozreh, God of nature
your domain is under attack

may gozreh listen oz my prayer,
syntira, has came oz us Nar needs us oz cleanse these lands. Tha pray oz othok oz protect my companion, my Ardol Kronul, orso.
Kolun othok could give me guidance as Tha rest my head, Tha wait Yoth othok oz fill it full eron knowledge eron kozrol oz start our search. Give me E sign, E scent oz Nadra yir thamar need oz Nadra oz cleanse anek evil. Kolun syntira, da nymph queen made Laad presence known means anek is serious. Akhoral me, let me Mer E guardian eron your lands. Give me da knowledge Nar tools oz remove anek from your land.
Tha pray oz othok…
your faithful followrumm Nar may Tha listen oz da wind Yoth your answrumm

Yoth da Nogazen eron nature

Oh orso,
Ekor thamar ath gotten ourselves Nirlak such E web eron destruction. Tha lost my family Nir E great Karaad Nar Tha was da only ein Neeft alive. Just like othok, Tha Zal lost my parents Nar keovid oz Nadra my place Nir anek world. Da ein rumol helped me, is lare longrumm ulro da Barel. Tha Zal been feeluroz that my bond ulro anek Barel has been faduroz Ur da bond oz da land has grown. Since finduroz othok, Tha realized that my mothrumm was trainuroz me Yoth somethuroz biggrumm then beuroz E rangrumm. Tha believe that Tha Zal oz start oz listen oz land, animals Nar my god. My their Anart Nighi us strength oz take on our next foe.
dear orso, may our bond Mer strengthen through combat Nar respec

Undead Kobolds are almost more annoying that live ones.
Payday's last Payday.

Hey Dad,

Well It’s been an intense week. It all started with a normal day up in Falcon’s Hollow. I was busy getting my smithy setup at the church when we were summoned to meet Creed, by his overgrown lackey Payday. FYI this guy seriously gave off a douchey vibe. Well Creed apparently needed some help with his new chop yard. A bunch of his employees had been killed recently. We agreed to help for a nice chunk of change thanks to Illy and Ellen’s haggling skills. The downside to this agreement was we had to take Payday and some other cronies with us. Hated that part of the agreement by the way.

The trek up to the new chop yard was uneventful but we had to leave the horses one yard back because of the rough terrain. We had arrived at the yard for not 5 minutes when we managed to spring some nasty swinging log trap. The darn thing knocked us all off our feet as a swarm of dead Kobolds got up and shambled their way to us. To add to the zombie mess Payday and his pansies were cowardly staying back and out of the fight. The whole damn time! I cut a couple of the zombies down and spotted who had to be their leader in a nearby guard tower barking orders. I quickly made my way over to him and inadvertently set off a huge pile of logs that proceeded to crash into the middle of the camp. Luckily the poor lumberjack that was being strung up by the Kobold was thrown clear of the logs while the fighting was going on. Quickly dashing around the little lizards to keep them off balance. I was able to dispatch them once and for all. Including the CHEATING invisible one. Jerk face undead kobold totally didn’t expect me to throw ghost powder on him. Ha!

We proceeded to find way too many bugs in the rest of the yards buildings and some more dead kobolds. Fire works well on all of those. The last building was well locked and as I was around the side looking for another way in the whole damn wall managed to fall on me. Illy says it was something inside that said it off cuz for once I didn’t touch a thing!

We were about done finishing off the rest of the kobolds including a caster one that was getting annoying when a couple giant beetles sprung outta the ground and tried to make a meal out of Red. Well Illy and I were having none of that so we chopped our way through the bug to rescue her. We rested for the night (to Payday’s useless whining about it) and followed the tracks the zombie kobolds left in the morning. With Red taking the injured lumberjack back to the nearest camp and promising to catch up quickly.

Oh by the way. I’m getting pretty good and the whole tracking thing and our new buddy Vas gave me a few pointers as well, and yes you were right the best way to learn a new language is to immerse yourself in it. I figured out Elven thanks to Ellen and Illyria always talking it around me.

The Tracks led us to a creepy ancient ruin with some mumbo jumbo writing all over the place. After letting Ellen study for a few minutes we headed down. Something weird happened on the stairs down when most of us got a chill that wouldn’t go away. Ghost fighting ensued so I didn’t give it a second thought.

At the bottom of the ruins we found the cause of the zombie kobolds. Some bozo brought the Kobold King back from the dead as a zombie. He didn’t like us having his axe and crown, and woke up a bunch of other zombies to help him fight us. Ellen being the super wall that she is held off the new backup while the rest of us put the king back into the afterlife. Tried to use magic on me again and was kind of shocked when it didn’t work. Ha! Sucker! Once the king was gone we mopped up the rest of the zombies and some random spectre things that were hanging out in the ruins, and managed to rescue a couple of lumberjacks that were kidnapped. Yay for us. They weren’t looking good though and we were in no real condition to keep going so we tried to make camp for the evening.
In the early morning the lumberjacks freaked out, spouting something about a curse, puking their teeth out and running off into the woods. Only then did I realize I really wasn’t feeling great either and apparently Illyria and Vas weren’t either. So we decided we didn’t really wanna puke out our teeth so we left.

Guess what happened then. The big fat jerk face Payday decides to try and kill us by hiding poorly on the surface of the ruins. Well I’d never tried Man-feller before so here was a good chance. Payday is pretty quick for a big guy but didn’t expect my ace axe. He fell like the evil prick he was and then things got dark. Someone hit me in the back of the head. Ouch.

I woke up to Red’s hand on my forehead. Glad she made it back so quick. The rest of the team was not too worse for wear. But only then did Ellen confide in us that we are probably cursed and should seek out medical attention immediately. Didn’t have to tell me twice. We left quickly with a prisoner too boot. And after a quick argument with Ellen, left Payday and his cronies to rot in the woods. Serves him right I say. The trip was very long this time with us feeling crappier and crappier as we travelled.

We made it back to the camp with the horses and made a much faster trip back to the church.

Aunt Cirthana was not very happy when she saw the state of us. We didn’t look good at all and she wasn’t sure she could cure us. She urged us to rest and to head to Oldfen to as for help from the Church there. I slept through the night except for when the prisoner ran off into the night. Didn’t actually know why we were keeping him. Oh well. We left at the crack of dawn for Oldfen and to spare the gory details yes puking up your teeth without having any teeth really sucks.

The churches of Iomedae and Serenrae were really very nice and quickly helped relieve us of our ailments. I gave a nice donation as a thank you. The ladies of light are really nice and helpful by the way.

When I woke the next morning I came over here to say hi.

Oh awesome news, Stony agreed to let me help her in the forge for a couple days as are staying in Oldfen to the end of the week. Maybe one day I’ll be half as good at making things as you always said she does. But I need to get going or I’m going to be late.

Later Dad.

I found out what my cloak does.
It causes hilarity, for me at least.

I took my time figuring out what to do with my cloak – it was, after all, taken off the body of a shapeshifting monster. I discover I can change my appearance at will. Fascinating. I will have to take advantage of this as I see it coming in handy as people seem to be hesitant towards me. I mean, for good reason. I’m deadly and people generally anger me with their idiocy…it’s not a good combination.

I venture out into the town with the hood up and disguised as an everyday-regular person. So far so good, but the real test will be with those who I regularly interact with. I head back to the church and pass myself off as a young woman who has come to pray for the evening. Completely out of character for myself, to be certain.

I observe the others come in and talk amongst themselves. Buttercup must be in the other room still sleeping on the bed – not like she needs the beauty-rest, dear thing. So far I have fooled everyone, seeing as they invite a perfect stranger to have dinner with them. A new development in the party: the dwarf has a bear. They came in covered in mud from rolling about in the woods (some barbaric bonding ritual, perhaps). Buttercup wakes up and is cautious around the bear at first, then runs over to me – I try to downplay it and pretend that I’ve never seen her before. My little darling fox is more intuitive than all the others in this room combined, though the game might have ended.

The dwarf is the only one at this point who is still fooled, though he strongly suspects that there is something terribly (and terrifyingly?) familiar about my new form. I come up behind him to whisper that his paranoia is showing. He is almost completely convinced I am, indeed, the great Illarya.

This will be interesting to say the least.

Down into the cursed caverns.

After all the horrors of the day in the lumber camp, we rest and feel invigorated.

In the middle of the night a female giantess comes into camp and I am awoken by the dwarf yelling about an intruder. Really, dwarf? We had not noticed. The dwarf seems repulsed by her presence, and offers Payday up as the unknown person she’s searching for, before we know that the person she’s looking for is her wayward husband. He has wandered off and she hasn’t seen him for days. Ellen tells her that we haven’t seen him in our travels. Apparently this appeases her and she leaves us to the rest we so deserve.

In the morning we head out on our next leg of the journey to find…whatever it is we’re searching for. Honestly, I care not for these pathetic humans and their trivial lives. The money I will procure from the ‘good deeds’ as Ellen calls them, will help to set up my animal shelter so I no longer have to interact with those who annoy me. I particularly despise Kreed and Payday – they view everyone around them as inferior, particularly if they are women. I imaging they think women are weak. I will have to show him that is not the case.

We draw near to a sacred place with large stone discs laying one on top of the other at the edges. Around are bones of a dead dinosaur, and as we approach the bones they all start to shake and animate. Perfect. We dispatch the creature’s remains then move onwards to the stone passageway leading down into blessed darkness.

I grab a pretty, long, rough, faceted crystal from underneath the two disks that lay on top of one another. Ellen tells me to keep the crystal close to me. I tell her that I don’t know what she’s talking about. Damn her and her perceptive gaze. This makes sneaking things more of a challenge around her, but I am up for a challenge.

As we near the entrance, kobalds appear. Stupid. Dead. Kobald. Ghosts. I hit one of the risen kobald spirits with my nifty new weapon three times, then another two before the dwarf’s arrow causes it to dissipate. Huh…I think I like this new bracer of mine.

When we go underground, I feel a cold grip my chest and it does not leave, throbbing against my heart. Ellen finally tells us about the curse and the ‘Gleam of the Stars’ but I feel no different when I pull out the gemstone I took from the entrance area. Wonderful. Ellen does not appear to be concerned about the curse while the others begin to look worried. I grimly continue on into the dark. Damnit Ellen, it would have been nice to know about the curse BEFORE we went underground. We could have sent Payday in before us as a ‘canary’ or sorts. (I have heard of this technique in my travels from those in the mining business – you send the canary down the mine before you send people to see if there is enough air for the sentient beings to breathe. Barbaric. Why not just send a male down? They are less useful than a lovely bird, for certain.)

I destroy a water elemental that tried to catch us by surprise. Surprise, indeed, to find it on the wrong end of my blade.

It took a while for the dwarf to realize that these Whites attacking us after we killed the false kobald king…these were the things waiting for us in the one room we did not enter in the caverns on our way to this chamber. Well…he HAD been hit hard earlier in combat. Yes, the false kobald king had been reanimated – and did not like that I wore the crown better than he ever could. Ellen did a spectacular job of holding off a horde of undead by making herself into a rock that their wave of evil would have to break upon. Nicely done. She really does make a better door than a window.

Upon exploring the rest of the chamber once the vile, annoying creatures have been dispatched, we find a body perfectly preserved in a sarcophagus. Well…the body was perfectly preserved until the air hit it, then it crumbles to dust. A tablet and a rod are in the sarcophagus where the well-preserved body had lain. Ellen reads the tablet and the name of Zelfin Cova is on it. I grab the sceptre that is in it – Ellen tells me that it gives off magic. I want it because it is pretty, but I feel that it will likely not remain in my possession for long.

We go back to the room we did not explore and find six sarcophagi – frog demands that I check for traps. He will pay for that later. No one commands me. I couldn’t care less if another trap explodes in his face, as I could use a good laugh. I guessed on whether the sarcophagus had a trap. Lucky for him, there wasn’t actually anything nefarious lurking.

When we get back up to the stairs, we have time to read the curse on the mantle above the door: A dread curse falls upon those who enter here unless they have the gleam of the stars upon them. Wonderful.

Bill (oh, yes, did I mention that we found some of the idiots from the lumber yard in here? They had made the error of looking here for shelter or something. Their words are noise to me) lets loose a scream and his teeth all begin to fall out of his mouth –I figure they have been down under ground for about a full day.

Curse Payday and his lackeys’ sudden but inevitable betrayal. As we left the underground stairway we are set upon by them. A brief but exhilarating fight ensues where I am finally able to show Payday that he was gravely mistaken to treat me so poorly and betray us. I take great pleasure in putting him down and stripping him of his belongings as I am sure he would have done the same to us. We leave him there to die and take the last of his group hostage. The others from below who have been cursed run off into the woods. They will surely die. Fewer idiots to deal with later, I suppose.

We must hurry now and I will keep the rest of this brief as I would like to put this memory to bed. The curse begins to take hold of me and my teeth fall out – I gather them up in the hopes of either putting them back in somehow, making a set of dentures (at my age, imagine!), or turning them into a fearsome necklace for others to understand my will. I feel awful as the cold extends from my chest to my jaw. Death is close to me now. I feel blood oozing down my face, sure to make me even more intimidating to behold than usual. The river master dwarf would seem to agree if his discomfort at my presence is any indication.

We make the journey to see Sister Minerva of the Sisters of Serenray to see if she can heal us. She says she can, but it will cost. Whatever happened to ‘doing good for good’s sake’? I graciously give her 300 gold and Payday’s 15 gold and his wedding ring. It’s not as if he’ll need them anymore.

I wonder how Buttercup is doing since I left her in the care of Lady Cirthana back at the church. The encounter with the acid-spitting bug from a few days ago has opened my eyes to the thought that, while I may recover from grave injury, it is not just me I need to watch out for anymore. I have spent so long on my own since I was banished from my kingdom under the mountain that I had forgotten to look out for my little one and have concern for her wellbeing.

I give Ellen the magic buckler that I looted off…someone. She will have fun with it, I’m sure.
I take my share of the cut after we meet with Kreed. Into the stomach it goes for safe keeping. I hope Kreed meets a slow, unfortunate end in the near future, full of nasty undead things eating him slowly from the toes up.

Now that we have some time to ourselves…I wonder what my cloak can do?


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