Tallowheart Mass

Found at the heart of the Tallow Golem.


This disgusting mass of hardened beef tallow is always found divided into three parts, each with a different function. If
you rub the first piece on a weapon it acts as a potion of haste. If you eat the second piece it acts as a potion of cure serious wounds. If you eat the third piece it acts as a potion of protection from fire, absorbing 60 points of damage before losing its effectiveness, but any round you take fire damage causes you to cough sticky black smoke like a pan of grease on fire (harmless to you or others but disturbing to see or experience). You can separate the three pieces of the mass without harming its properties. Each piece can only be used once.

Aura faint abjuration, conjuration, and transmutation; CL

Slot none; Price 2,250 gp; Weight 1 lb.

Tallowheart Mass

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