This simple battleaxe shimmers in the light once the acid has been sloughed off


+1 Battleaxe, Inscription in Dwarven reads ‘Glintaxe’
When activated will shine light in a 20’ radius


Druingar the Glintaxe arrived at the monastery planning to probe its secrets and retrieve an axe created by one of his ancestors a thousand years ago. Sadly, his wild carousing the night before his arrival left the usually steady warrior a little under the weather. Addled
by drink and exhausted from the long hike to the Crucible, he decided to catch a short
nap in area 5 before continuing deeper into the ruined monastery. As he slumbered, a
gelatinous cube engulfed him and quickly digested the dwarven hero.

Many of the kobolds have seen Glintaxe and they are terrified of the “flying
dwarf ghost.” Any person who dons Glintaxe’s armor and carries his axe strikes terror
into lesser kobolds. (Will save DC 12 fear effect)


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