Dart Storm Bracers

Dark blue bracers


These bracers are adorned with a wild lightning storm motif.

This bracer is a favorite of assassins or other characters that rely on surprise attacks. Once per round as a standard action, the dart storm bracer can fire off a salvo of four tiny metal darts that deal 1d2 points of piercing damage each. Each dart fired from a dart storm bracer requires an attack roll that crits on a 20 x2 and each dart is capable of dealing precision damage (such as from a rogue’s sneak attack). The darts fired are made of pure force (and can be used against incorporeal targets with no penalty) and disappear one round after being fired, with new darts appearing in the dart storm bracer at the beginning of the wearer’s turn.

Treat the dart storm bracer as a hand crossbow for proficiency and feats that apply to the item. The dart storm bracer has a maximum range of 20 ft, before the magic binding the darts together dissipates.


Purchased from Erin Stoney by Illyria.

Dart Storm Bracers

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