Namdrin Quinn

A pale faced half-elf with sunken eyes and black hair


Namdrin is a sinewy half-elf of corded muscle and bone, with a long face haunted by loss. His sunken eyes do not fix on any who attempt to speak with him, instead staring off into a distant and fading memory of the happiness that once touched his soul.


Namdrin Quinn should have amounted to nothing more than a rootless vagabond performer and sometime thief, no doubt destined for a young death and a shallow grave. But love intervened. When a constable named Tessa Kelrand caught the handsome young half-elf robbing a temple, she changed his life forever. Tessa tamed Namdrin—first with her sword, then with her heart. She fell as hard as he after their first clash, and their scandalous affair blossomed into romance. Tessa turned in her badge, Namdrin abandoned his larcenous ways, and the two lovers became adventurers out to make their own fortunes. With Tessa at his side, Namdrin discovered hitherto untapped wells of courage and skill, and he quickly became an impressive swordsman.

Namdrin Quinn

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