Lady Cirthana Gensar

A young human woman worshipper of Iomedae


A beautiful young human woman with short black hair and a piercing yet friendly gaze. Unlike priests of other faiths, she is always ready to defend the innocents and can be seen in her armour and scabbard at her hip.


Cirthana has only been in Falcon’s Hollow for about 6 months. She was given this charge by her church as a challenge that her competence showed her worthy of. As an acolyte she was very talented and her devotion to finding justice for all was unending. She revels in living in the town for her chance to help as many as she can in this corrupt town. However, many of the villagers do not believe in a benevolent deity because of the tough times that they deal with every day and thus are reluctant to put faith in her. It does not help that she is relatively new in her clerical career and therefore does not have the same amount of divine power as a high priest. Yet she stays ever vigilant trying to help the people of town.

She was sad to hear of her brother, Sir Cyrus’ passing from her adoptive nephew Glenn. She offered the party a place to stay while they are in the Hollow

Lady Cirthana Gensar

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