Kvasir Torsten

Tallish for a dwarf, green eyes, and a hankering for ALE.


His beard has just started to grow back


Kvasir Torsten was born in the realm of Shanatar. Kvasir can remember running around with other children in the long, mazed like tunnels of Shanatar. All he really remembers from his time here was the urgency that he left the place. Leaving all of his possessions behind Kvasir understood the importance of being free of burdens. Even though, he struggled with this concept through out his life.
Kvasir was the youngest of three brothers. His two older brothers where trained at a young age to track, catch, and hunt. His two brothers where very competitive and Kvasir would enjoy watching them compete at every chance that he could. Kvasir on the other hand was trained like his brothers with some other training done by his mother. Kvasir mother was a beautiful women, who had an aura around her that nature seemed to grow where she walked. Kvasir dad used to tell her boys that she had “a green thumb”. Kvasir and his family grew up far away from the tunnels of Shanatar in the mountain range of the marching mountains. The mountains were where Kvasir and his brother training ground. Ruins and tunnels acted as they tests to manhood. Their father was strict in many ways, they were raised with a strict schedule and an interesting tradition during the night.
Kvasir had a happy childhood but does now live with many blanks to his past. Waking in a field on the bottom of the marching mountains , he searched for his family home to only find tragedy. He now tracks the only footprints leading away from his home. He carries only small things with him to remind him of his family.

Kvasir Torsten

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