Kimi Eavewalker

A tomboy, who wishes nothing more than to follow in her father's footsteps.


Kimi is an athletic spirited young girl with mousy brown hair, brown eyes that hide an eagerness to explore beyond Falcon’s Hollow. She has the occasional bruise from scrapping with boys twice her size when they pick on her friends.


Daughter of the famed elven ranger Idris and a beautiful seamstress named Kitani, Kimi has not seen her father in two years. The ranger is constantly away adventuring and tracking down relics
for a mysterious patron. Kimi idolizes her dad and has grown into a fearless tomboy chomping at the bit to follow in her father’s adventurous footsteps as soon as she is old enough to wield a sword. Kimi is the protector of this band of friends, often scrapping with boys twice her age who try to bully the others. She usually wins these bouts, and many of the town’s children are afraid of her.

Kimi Eavewalker

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