The ancient, quite forgetful shaman of the Truescale Tribe.


Jekajak is a walking corpse of a kobold, whose withered old white scales are stretched tight over bone. His puny skeletal snout contains a lone tooth and constantly dribbles drool. His milky eyes focus intermittently on his surroundings.


Jekajak, “He Who Forgets More Than You or He Knows”, has been the Shaman of the Truescales ever since the tribe’s former Shaman, Kolmokmurk, was exiled after he drank a potion that killed him and then reanimated him as a zombie. Jekajak was already elderly at that time, and has grown even more senile over the many years that have followed. Not usually known for his devotion, Jekajak nevertheless became zealous about sacrificing the Falcon Hollows young flesh bag whelps after receiving a vision that the fate of the tribe hung in the balance.


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