Estle Winterbloom

A guarded lady who lives on the outskirts of society.


A beautiful woman who enjoys keeping to herself and going along to her own beat of the drum.


Although Estle is often referred to as many of the locals she is actually just a woman with moderate skill in potion making. However, many of the locals avoid her so she tends to come to bar and sits alone – only venturing away from home when she needs new supplies for potions. That people think she is a witch suits her just fine – except that they will tend to try and blame her for nefarious deeds first.

‘Remy’ created a very convincing ‘male’ costume and was very smooth with her. She regards the party as kind and helped them identify bird poop and mud in the Sheriff Cage Blunnde’s room. She may be willing to put her potion making skills to use for them in the future.

Estle Winterbloom

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