Daveera Gadsel

Covered in paint and a holding a cat


Deveera is a striking young artist in Falcon’s Hollow. She has piercing grey eyes and a thin face.She is often seen holding her cat, Fern when she is not engaged in creating beautiful art.


Deveera Gadsel is an artist. Her workshop, the Woodwil, serves also as a gathering place for a number of semi-artistic locals in town.

Ayda Vorshin of the High Market sees the growing popularity of Deveera’s crafts as cutting into her profits of her own import business

Deveera is trying to organize a guild to provide mutual protection from Vorshin.

The Lumber Consortium is paid a share of Deveera’s profits as an “administrative fee.”

Elen asked her to make some dark wood equipment – shield and quaterstaff

Daveera Gadsel

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