Boss Payden Teedum

The Consortiums overboss at Falcon's Hollow, aka "Payday"


Payden’s an ugly thug, with a bull neck, a huge round face, and a mashed-in nose courtesy of an axe handle wielded by Falcon’s Hollow’s Sherrif Baleson in a cutyard brawl. He’s thick shouldered and stocky, yet he moves like a trained killer. He’s overly fond of chewing blood-bark, and spits its crimson leavings all over the place


Not much is known about the over boss. He was sent on a mission with Blades of Glory to destroy the monsters attacking the newest lumber camp. Once the monsters were vanquished he and his thugs tried to finish the party off. Kreed denies having anything to with that.

Boss Payden Teedum

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