Black Banner Company

rough-looking group of mercenaries, one of whom is a short, black-cloaked figure who might be a goblin.


Grelm Hammerlock – Grelm wears all black, including his scale mail and cloak. His belt has tiny skulls embossed upon it

Pudge Whartley – Extremely lazy, Byron “Pudge” Whartley chose magic as the path of least physical labor. He has a large paunch and is in poor physical condition, earning him his nickname.

Nirashi Sylvanmede – Nirashi is a thin and pale elven woman with nearly white hair worn long and loose

Knu – He wears a dark, hooded cloak that covers his face to avoid notice.


Pudge – Died at the hands of the party near Cachee’s spring.
Grelm – Knocked out in the Spirit of the Woods Inn, he was brought back to Sheriff Cage Blunnde to be arrested.
Nirashi – Killed at the Spirit of the Woods Inn by the party.
Knu – Was punched to death by Grolm in the Spirit of the Woods Inn.

Black Banner Company

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