David's Darkmoon Deeds

What a beautiful day

start of something beautiful

Oh Orso,
Get off of me… I know it is time to get up. What should we do today? Let’s head back into town and get some goods. More food for you, I know… (as ORSO dances around me excited when I say food) and some traveling wares, maybe some flasks of oil to return to Ellen for her kindly giving us one. Even making some arrows… maybe try to find out if we can make a fire arrow or material that can act as fire. Also maybe, some cure scrolls and some potions. Of course, the main thing is finding someone who can build you armour. You are the one I am seeking to protect because you are the change to my life that has lead me to my role. So let’s head into town.
ORSO….stop licking that. Let’s head. Hi Ho…off to town we go.
What a beautiful day, thank the gods for this.


I came to town and one of the townsfolk was selling meats. I turned to the townsfolk and asked for some of their meats, since Orso was salivating at the smell of the meat.
The townsfolk says a couple of silvers and I give them a gold piece. Thankful the townsfolk turns to me and thanks me as I she does I am giving it to Orso to eat. She asks “you are one of the travellers are you not?” I said “yes, I am”. She asked politely “what can I call you?”

I thought to myself…this whole event has given me a new look on life and with a new look comes a new name.
I turn to her and say “My name is V”. She smiled, “odd name, but I like it. thank you V for your help”

What a beautiful day
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