David's Darkmoon Deeds

Tent got a little smaller

Bear butt

Oh Gozreh and Syntira,

(in druid language)
Once again, I was not strong enough. I sit here in my tent and I hate how I can not help this group. They think of me as a liability to the group rather than a useful part of the group. I need strength and wisdom from both of you to help me in my travel. Help me become a great adventurer like my uncle.
Orso, you are the only one who needs me. I do give respect to Glenn for wanting to avenge my attack. A dwarf never forgets…never

Thank you Gozreh and Syntira for my health and my friend Orso,
May they all be protected by your great divine power and wisdom.
Hope I can find more relics that can gain favor from you.
May the wind, oceans, and forest be in your grace.

your faithful student…


That night you dream of a warm wind caressing your face as and you see an illuminated silhouette of a familiar feminine form. You never see her face but you feel her gentle fingers run through your hair.

You hear the words, be patient, as images of your friends failures and your successes dart across your mind’s eye. You raining down arrows upon a large wax golem as it held Glenn in its massive hand. You dropping explosives on an eyeball creature that had stolen Elen below the sea of eyeballs and Illyria yet again falling victim to blindness by another creature’s power.

You hear a whisper in your ear in sylvan, “You are more valuable to them than they let on, but know that they need you as much as Orso does.”

With that you wake up.

Tent got a little smaller
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