David's Darkmoon Deeds

Making a statue,

Shrine to Gozreh

“Respect the sea and the sky, lest we bring you ruin.—Hymns to the Wind and the Waves”
I chant as I pull a piece of wood from the little huts we stop by and create a crude figure of Gozreh, I hopes he will hear my chants.

As I am doing this ORso is clawing the ground to create a hole in the ground. I stick the figure standing up in the hole and pour water from my waterskin and I continue to chant. ORso, sips from the water.

I look up into the sky as I finish my chant.

I look at ORso, and bend down to him and give him a nuzzle and we just booth turn to look up into the sky.


dpn630 Misyc

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