David's Darkmoon Deeds

Kobalds...stupid, dead Kobalds.

And they smell worse than I remember.

In the morning we go and check on our former frog person. Demetrius cries for a few minutes then comes around to answer questions. He has been mind controlled and everything was fuzzy for him, he just did what he was told. He was with the family for 60 years – I suspect he is a dhampir, a pale, long-lived race. He revealed that Wiley Astley was the children’s tutor – the bespeckled corpse we found in the basement of the house. We decide to drop Demetrius off a the fork in the road to the farm and leave one horse with him while we continue on to Falcon’s Hollow. I think we have been too lenient with him – he has, after all, helped with the savage slaying of his employers.

Once we are back at the church, I decide to continue with my fun at the dwarf’s expense and draw a beauty mark and bold eyebrows on him while he sleeps. I can’t have him thinking he is sneaky when I am there to set the bar so high. He wakes in a paranoid haze and eventually rubs dirt all over his face in the hopes of wiping off his new eyebrows and beauty mark.
In hopes of finding gainful employment, or at least putting a dent in his abundance of gold reserves, we make our way back to Kreed where a couple of his minions tell us he has a proposition for us: one of his lumberyard workers has stumbled back to town ranting about how his comrades at a local yard have been slaughtered. Never one to turn down coin for a day’s work, I negotiate a thousand gold for each of us in exchange for cleansing the evil that has befallen the lumberyard. Not for Kreed, mind you. That man (though he has no honour and I am loath to compare him to others I have encountered that are, albeit, inferior to me in every way…this one disgusts me with his cowardice – sitting behind his desk and barking orders with intimidation of making others suffer at the hands of his minions or starving those who would be cut off from the scant money he supplies them for their hard work), can suffer for all I care – I do this for those who cannot fight for themselves or stand against him. I never liked bullies, and he is no exception.

Mudders, the one who witnessed the slaughter, tells what he saw while Kreed gathers a few of his loyal dogs to him to ‘babysit’ us during the fighting. I motion to Red to cast her eye on them in order to detect evil: Nolan, Towne, Kater, and Payday all have an aura of wickedness about them, though the last of the group, Rikio, seems to just be a sellsword working for a paycheck. Ellen cast her eye at the group and noticed that Payday has something magic on his person. Hmmm…I vow to myself that I will possess it one way or another. I am certain that he will betray us at some point and will use that as an excuse to rid the world of his poor manners.

When we arrive at the cut-yard, we find the decomposing bodies of both Kobalds and humans, though the little reptiles appear to have been dead for some time longer than the pink fleshed humans. To my dismay (and, I suppose, the others as well), a trap is sprung and the fight it on. Axes come flying out of nowhere, but we eventually suss out that there is something behind the flying objects that has managed to obscure itself from our view.

I help to rid us of these pests and mow down as many as I can reach.

Once they are all dispatched, I go about the unpleasant business of beheading the kobalds we have killed and the ones that were already dead, on the off chance that their bodies could once again be reanimated. Have I mentioned my dislike for the undead?
While the others bicker with their useless words back and forth in the courtyard, the dwarf and I continue on to the surrounding buildings.

We may have made a mistake in opening the door. The first room we examine has almost a dozen zombie kobalds, which we needed to dispatch post-haste. They have made a mess of the remains of some of the yard workers – insides on the outsides and strewn about all over the room, combined with the day’s heat has made this place truly disgusting.

Once that ugly business was done, we continued on to the second room which held the husks of three lumberjacks that are full of locusts and rats. Lovely. Who doesn’t enjoy killing swarms of unclean creepy-crawly things?

Thinking that the third time will be the charm, I am disappointed that the last building has traps that I try to disable and end up setting off the trap onto frog – I’m not overly concerned for his safety. In fact…I wonder if I can make a game of it in the future…he has not seemed to have changed his ways of barging into the fray full-tilts o why not let him take point to show us where the first arrow comes from? It might teach him a lesson…

Having dealt with all of this, we gather ourselves into relative safety and bed down for the night. Until tomorrow…


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