David's Darkmoon Deeds

It's all fun and games

Until someone's carnival is ruined by faye

I willingly give my katana over to Ellen to fix it from its unfortunate encounter with the ground back at the carnival.

I travel around the town after a brief rest to watch people – their mannerisms, their voices, everything I can to learn how to pretend to be other people.

I return to the church from my wanderings disguised as Ellen. There was an awkward moment shared between the two of us and Red looked…perplexed. Then I changed back into myself for the first time in a few days it seems.

We walk through the town to Rala’s house where I have the idea to change into her brother’s likeness in order to keep her from being frightened at people breaking into her home. I attempt to distract both Ellen and Red by asking them if a passing gentleman has cheese on his face while I unlock the door. As they are intrigued (and a little bit stunned) by this possibility of dairy on someone’s face, they are thoroughly distracted and I unlock and open the door. We enter the house, only to find it has been vacant for at least a day with the clothes chest empty.
Still disguised as the little brother, we make our way to the stone mason’s workshop where I quickly change my appearance to Rala right in front of the door so as not to arouse much suspicion. Her brother opens it and throws himself into my arms, wondering at why I was there since I told him that I was leaving. I change back into my own appearance and tell him and tell him that it’s very important we know when the last time he saw his sister was and if she left any word as to where she was going. He gave us a note to read from her where we found out that she had left town for a while and that she would return when she thought it was safe.
We left the mason’s and the rest of the group began and lengthy debate as to how to go about punishing her employer (the hideous one that escaped from behind the tent at the carnival). I, oddly enough, was the voice of reason here and pointed out that if we went after her employer it would only put her life, and the life of her brother, in grave danger. They don’t THINK. They don’t think like those who would do harm to others. They don’t think about the consequences of their actions – that punishment would be dealt to those who are not strong enough to protect themselves against the evils of…everyone. They just…they don’t understand because they are young, naive, and they still think there is good in everyone. They are fools…who need me, damnit, because I had that particular brand of wool pulled from my eyes a long, long time ago.

I shut down the idea of going after Rala’s employer and the group disperses – Ellen and the frog back to the church, Red, Kvas and myself off to the carnival grounds to find word on Quinn and his wife.

Upon arrival, we find Stitch and some carnies around a campfire with most of the camp having been packed up. They aren’t sure where Quinn and Tessa have gone, but they mentioned that the rest of the group would be heading out of town in a few days and could meet us for drinks at the Sitting Duck.

We leave them at the camp and make our way to the Sitting Duck on a whim – it is bursting with patrons drowning their sorrows. We ask around to find out if anyone has seen the two we are looking for when Kvas says he thought he heard Quinn’s voice upstairs. There is a debate between Red and the dwarf as to whether or not we should interfere with the two who are clearly arguing behind the door when I knock. Tessa is not impressed with my lies of a new development and we need them to come to the church immediately, but Kvas’ open honesty seems to appease her and she agrees to come with us because she was hungry anyway. She storms out of the building with Quinn following sullenly behind – I have seen this behaviour in small children and dogs that have been scolded for wetting on the carpets. The dogs, not the children.


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