David's Darkmoon Deeds

Back from the Farm

My artistic abilities astound...

Before we leave the farmhouse, Ellen leaves a note directing those who would be ransacking the home for ill gains to stay out for we would track them down and punish them. I felt that the note was …missing something. I added my own little something in a form of a bloody handprint. The others must have also thought it was a brilliant idea for they reacted with a look I am all too familiar with: the ‘she must be mad but don’t say anything because she might kill us in our sleep’ cringe and smile. Little do they know, they have nothing to fear from me in that way – I have felt something strange growing in me these last few days…affection? Maybe. Attachment? Perhaps. Whatever it may be, it is new, a little annoying, and I welcome the feeling. Except the frog…though I tolerate him, but his brashness and impulsivity will get us killed and I cannot abide by that. If he is so eager to meet his maker I will not stand in his way, but I will not allow him to rag the rest of us down with him.

The trip back to town is uneventful and upon our arrival we scatter to tend to our own business. I wish to discover the meaning of the book I have taken from the farmhouse and go off in search of where I can procure a translation. I roam around town with Fumbles (really, I must ask him what his name is one of these days) and he is directed to ‘fuck off’ when he asks for directions to a library. He takes this in stride. Perhaps this is not the first time the phrase has been directed to him. I go to a couple of guards and ask for the location of a library. The duo ask me if that’s some kind of code and I remind them it’s a building with books. Simpletons. They direct me to the Maple Ridge Institute.

Fumbles and his new companion (really, does he not think that I cannot detect him following us?) go to the M.R.I. and Fumbles is revived at the sight of the books. I ask the halfling behind the counter if he can translate the book for me and he tells me that it is the book of Asmodeus and this demon’s religious rights. I shall give it to Ellen for safe-keeping – someone looking as I do and carrying around a book such as this could be looked upon in a negative light.
Fumbles seems happy where he is so I am fine with leaving him here. He looks so very wrapped up in his books that I wonder if this is the last we will see of him for a while…

His dwarf companion’s farcical ‘sneaking’ skills pull at my heartstrings. How can I possibly leave one as pathetic at taking care of himself such as him on his own? I have decided that I shall mark him as one of my pets, much in the way that I marked Fumbles in the forest before we met Red.

We all gather at a weapons shop where a wave of exhaustion crashes over me – it must have been the lack of sleep from the last few days from having to save them all from the house and the witch. I sell off the heart-ripping dagger for a song and purchase a set of lovely bracers that will shoot deadly energy at a foe. This could be fun.

There is, of course, the small problem of Demetrius still being in frog form. The goodie-goodies set out to return him to his natural state so they can interrogate him. Then they begin to argue over the money it will take to cast the spell to make him human again. These…words…grate on my last nerves and I throw in the 50 gold pieces they need to return him to human. Once the transfiguration is complete I stand over his prone form and tell him he owes me 50 gold. He breaks into body wracking sobs, presumably because he knows he will have to be my slave until he can pay me back.


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