David's Darkmoon Deeds

A prayer to Gozreh, God of nature

your domain is under attack

may gozreh listen oz my prayer,
syntira, has came oz us Nar needs us oz cleanse these lands. Tha pray oz othok oz protect my companion, my Ardol Kronul, orso.
Kolun othok could give me guidance as Tha rest my head, Tha wait Yoth othok oz fill it full eron knowledge eron kozrol oz start our search. Give me E sign, E scent oz Nadra yir thamar need oz Nadra oz cleanse anek evil. Kolun syntira, da nymph queen made Laad presence known means anek is serious. Akhoral me, let me Mer E guardian eron your lands. Give me da knowledge Nar tools oz remove anek from your land.
Tha pray oz othok…
your faithful followrumm Nar may Tha listen oz da wind Yoth your answrumm


dpn630 Misyc

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